4K Gaming PC Series: 4K for Everyone

Whats's this series?
We can no longer ignore the fact that 4K (3,840 x 2,160) resolution is mainstream. Heck, even 8k is coming into existence now. In this series, we are choosing the best components for your 4K gaming and HTPC need. Note: - This is is not a 4K PC build but a full guide on the best parts for your 4k PC build.

Who's for this series? 

It's for me. lol. maybe you can have a peek at it! nah , it's for everyone! We are going to do the 'reasearchgate' and going to find the best of the best components for your 4k PC. Instead of looking all over the internet, we are going to compile necessary parts to hook up like the best Processors, GPU, PSU, and monitor for every budget and maybe TV's later on the road. So you can find all at one place. And it's easy to update later. I'm dedicating some serious time to build this list


4K setup requires some ransom amount of money. But here we are compiling the best parts for all budget that capable of 4K gaming. You may find what you are looking for! no guarantees.

Benchmarks and data

Every recommended buy is based pm data, real world performance and all other stuff (not too technical) from multiple sources instead of one place. So it'll be accurate. It's like a mini review for each component and comparison. It'll be a table, that way it's easy to understand.
Of course, there's a possibility that there'll be errors or bugs in this data. But I'm going to make sure there's zero error. If you spot any, let me now.

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