Best 4K UHD TV for PS4 Pro and PS4 in 2016 – Buyer’s Guide

*Last updated on October 27

Sony announced new PS4 Pro, and it’s capable of 4K HDR gaming. Now you are in the market for 4K TV to hook with your new shiny console right? Which 4k TV for PS4 Pro to select? Here we recommend good TV’s that’s 60"+ HDR TVs along with some info you should be aware of.
Before you buy
What Sony recommend (Unofficial)?
1. They recommend size of 60” and up for average living rooms
2. HDR10 capability
Bigger the better but it seems little weird. Room size, seating size and media types are all different for each person. The price of UHD TV’s fall recently. But it doesn't mean its still affordable. Maybe a good time to pick one. But watch out for below points if you are getting TV for gaming because streaming and gaming on TV is a bit different.
How to check whats the best size for your living room?
It's really simple. it's the viewing distance(inches) divided by 3 = Recommended TV size. For ex.
If you are sitting 10 ft. away from TV (10 feet*12 inches). That's 120 inches. 120 divided by 3 = 40" is the recommend TV size.

Before you upgrade, you should get TV with

1. True Ultra- HD (4k)
It’s the new standard now.
2. HDR10
Have a look at What is HDR. The video is just a glimpse of what real HDR looks like.

There are two standards. Dolby and HDR 10. Some TV’s support only one standard. Some support two. But Sony recommends HDR 10 capability. Companies name it differently. LG calls it HDR pro. Sony does have their branding and calls 4K HDR. And Samsung adopted SUHD branding.That being said a lot of TVs that claim to have HDR can't use it well or at all. A lot of them use 8-bit panels, but only the true 10-bit tv panels can use it to its full extent.
3. 10bit panel
Get 10bit one to take full advantage of HDR.What’s the difference between 8bit and 10bit? Here is the excerpt from and check what they say

4. Low input lag
The main problem of TV’s compared to monitors is high input lag. Select the one with very low input lag.
5.8 Bit panel TVs
When you buy an 8-bit panel TV, it can receive and play from HDR video source but the content will not be HDR quality just downscaled to 8 bit.So you won't get the full experience of HDR.
6.8-bit panel TV's with HDR10 (Dithering and AFRC (frame rate control))
In short  AFRC is an 8-bit panel flickering rapidly between two shades of color to simulate an in between shade.Manufacturers often claim 8bit+ FRC as 10bit. But it is not good as true native 10bit panel TVs but come close.It's harder to tell the difference and notice it.

Based on official recommendation and high-end spec and info already mentioned you should look at these models depends on budget.The below TVs passed these 4k checks and you are good to go.

The full list of TVs (2016) that meets these requirements - NEW!
(4K HDR10 - 10bit panels)
Sony XBR -X940D   


Samsung KS9800        
Samsung KS9500  
Samsung KS9000  
Samsung KS8500 

Samsung KS8000   


P series (C1) 
And here is the PS4 pro display chart

Best 60"+ UP HDR TV's for PS4 Pro and PS4

The Best Under $5000 - Premium

Sony XBR65Z9D 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model) 

Sony XBR75X940D 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (2016 Model) 

But wait.WTH?  Sony thinks we are billionaires? That’s hell expensive. We need to spend more on the games and less on TVs. The next best option is LGOLEDB6.This one is top rated for its price and performance. The only downside is inconsistent input lag issue plagued OLED panels in general.

The Best Under $4000 - Premium

LG Electronics OLED65B6P Flat 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2016 Model) 

The Best Under $2500  

Sony XBR65X930D 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV (2016 Model) 

Samsung UN65KS8000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)

The Best budget 4K TV with HDR10 - 50"below

If you are looking for the best bang for buck 4K TV with HDR10 and native 10bit.

Samsung UN49KS8000 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)

Samsung UN49KS8500 Curved 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)

That’s still expensive dude! Gimme something cool? Wait I’ll work on this. Bingo. Next one that struck our eyes and that don’t break bank is

The Best Under $800 - 4K HDR10 for Everyone 

This model doesn't advertise as a 10bit panel. But according to rtings, they confirmed it does have a 10-bit panel.Thanks to diabloblade for info.

Sony XBR49X800D 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV (2016 Model) 

Still, can’t find what to get? Wait for the new TV’s to come out or price to fall. New models come out early March. You’ll get awesome deals and can save a lot of money.
If you have any recommendation or wants to see any info next to each TVs, please let me know!


Here is my super duper 4K UHD HDR 10bit panel (native) list of TVs with rtings game ratings!


  1. 8 bit HDR TV can still make difference to a normal 4K non-HDR right?

    1. Yes there's significant difference in colors, contrast and brightness when 4k HDR TV compared to 4k non-HDR TV.

    2. *** To see the real difference, needs 'HDR content'

  2. The Sony x800d is actually a great 4k tv for ps4 pro. HDR10. 10 BIT. rtngs confirm it on their site.

    1. Yes. its good. I've been reading through my spec sheet catalog (secret). It says the panel is 8 bit. Then i read through rtings. they confirmed its 10 bit panel.Overall still good and HDR gaming rating of 7.9.
      If anyone is looking for a 50" 4K HDR TV HDR10 bit under $800, then this is your choice.I'll add it in the list on next update.
      Thanks diabloblade

  3. Some terrible choices of tvs here.. some are not even considered mid performers.. samsung ks9500 or LG Oled 65B6 should easily replace their "premium" picks

    1. i apologize.Do you have any particular order or choice that we should consider (or replace) On next update? The reason why i choose to exclude OLED panel TV is because of the inconsistent input lag.if you care about input lag, skip OLED they say

    2. And here's another perspectives from other people (thanks to ultimate master) and why i choose Sony X930D or Z9D as our premium choice is the slim backlight drive.
      It's what they shown at the conference with Days Gone with the cocktail Molotov, the TV will have a specific lit brighter for fires, sunlight, lights, and other artifacts that should be brighter in reality, you'll get it on your TV. All PS4 with HDR10 will give you that experience.
      Most TVs this year have a cheap edge-lit backlight. Samsung's dynamic settings can take advantage if edge-lit with some trailers where everything goes dark before going to a new scene, but it's nowhere near as impressive as what Sony is offering.
      To give a perspective, Samsung promotes HDR 1000 for 1000nits of brightness, it's an industry standard.
      The X930D of Sony goes to 4000nits for specific areas of the Screen. Far better lighting than any other LED TVs. So if you want to go high-end, this is the LED TV to get.


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