What to look for when buying a projector for gaming?

When gaming rigs or setups are considered not many gamers think about including a projector in the ranks. This may be due to budget, space, connectivity or maybe even resolution and relay speed but what if we said these thing can not only be equal to the monitor screens, but even better.

Here at buydlp.com they have listed and reviewed the best gaming projector on a budget which might fit in nicely to your next rig or even evolve the current one you have to that next level of gamer experience.

Technology of the project has evolved rapidly over recent years thus providing more quality machines for better prices. The hurdles listed above can now all be mitigated by getting the right gaming projector to suit your needs but don’t let your mind run away with the possibilities or your budget could fly out of the window.

Things to consider before purchasing a gaming projector
Here are some areas that you may want to consider looking into deeply before purchasing a projector for your gaming setup:

The price of some gaming projectors can really push the budget but there are some that are within the ranges of a good UHD monitor and provide the same quality so when it comes to cost just make sure you stay within you budgets. One thing to also not is that these projectors are a lot less than the large 4K TV’s that are on the market so you will be saving money there.

Another question you have to ask yourself is do you have the space for a projector screen or a blank wall in your gaming room that you can use for your screen. Without this space you will have a hard time gaming as you will not be able to clearly see the screen. This is a major factor when choosing to go with a projector so make sure you know the screen sizes the projector can provide and that you have the area for that.

In the new gaming projectors this shouldn’t be an issue as they have many and all the ports required for quality connection with some including wireless and bluetooth straight to the device. As long as you have long enough wires or that wireless connection then there should be no issue on this front.

Quality and Refresh Rate:
These are 2 of the biggest aspects to consider when it comes to gaming and you won’t be disappointed to hear that projectors hold their own when it comes to this arena. The quality of the modern day projector can rival any HD TV even on the large scale and some also boast 3D capabilities which makes the game an even more real life experience. Refresh rate is a big category when it comes to gaming as any lag in this area could be a kill in the game or a missed opportunity on FIFA which for those that know may be the only scoring chance they have. Projectors can range from 60HZ and 240HZ which is ideal for what is needed in the gaming world so there is no hold up in this area.

If you are looking to upgrade your gaming setup or want to have a larger screen then projectors shouldn’t be counted out as they can definitely fit in your budget if you choose the right one and will give you a thrill much better than a monitor or TV would.

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Apple iPad(6th Gen) Tablet (9.7 inch, 32GB, Wi-Fi) 2018 Review : Awful?

So i recently bought the new 2018 iPad seeing raving reviews. Its the budget version. And it's my first ever apple product and thought give a quick review about it. Apple ipad is the best tablet according to 90% of the youtube reviewers but there's catch they didn't tell me. Luckily it doesn't affect me because I didn't buy for it. I have another purpose for it. Hopefully, this may help you decide whether its worth buying or not?
Let's start with the cons first

It's awful for video watching

And its the biggest drawback. Yes, it's awful and it's not the screen or picture quality. It's the 4:3 aspect ratio that was common in old devices decades ago. If you are a media consumer, you would most probably be disappointed.

Every new tv, smartphone, laptop or monitor, and other tablet use either 16:9 or 16:10, Amazon prime videos, YouTube and most movies are recorded and presented that way. Almost 95% of video content today are in that ratio.
If you are watching Youtube or prime videos on iPad, you'll end up with letterbox which is a black bar on top and bottom of the screen. it's not purely black, its kinda greyish black which is annoying watching videos.

You can zoom in to and fill the screen but when you do that other parts of the image gets cropped out. So your 9.7" screen is effectively gets reduced to a 7.7" screen. The letterbox takes that lost space.
Watching videos in 4:3 ration is also not good.

But there's a partial workaround and I think its not legal. There's an app called moviebox from tweak apps, which streams movies in fullscreen compatibility. You have to directly download it outside app store and install it. But this app battery consumption is very high and only works if you are in US/UK and probably unsafe. I tried VPN but no luck.


It weighs 478 gm and its really heavy to hold with one hand. Holding it for a long time will make your hands tired.


You have to buy a new case and screen protector for it. it's really a dust and fingerprint magnet. And the cost adds up.

What're the Pros then?

Browsing the web on it is really good and top notch. The screen resolution is top notch. The UI is beautifully designed and the multitasking is also good. There are many tricks and tips which I have yet to learn.

That's it?

No. The only reason to get this ipad, in my opinion, is if you are a student or a professional with a lot of note taking or presentation. The real beast is the apple pencil aka stylus. The apple pencil, its the most important piece of the component.
You can take notes, draw, color, organize and do a lot of creative awesome stuffs with it. And its worth mentioning that there's no slot to fit the pencil on the budget iPad. You'll be very happy if you are a student. And as usual, the pencil is a separate accessory you've to buy. It doesn't come with ipad. And the overall costs further shoot up.


If you are an avid movies lover or media consumer you might be disappointed and on the other half if you are a student, professional creative artists or something you'll be very happy with the Ipad.
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How to Buy Proper Gaming Headsets?

Every avid gamer knows: gaming headsets are some of the most important accessories in the gaming world. The kind of headset you use may make or break your experience, that’s why it is important to put in some care in the buying process.

How do you ensure you buy the very best there is in the headset market? There answer lies in the elements you have to look for in a pair of gaming headsets. Here are the key considerations to make when buying your pair to ensure you get the best.

Sound quality

You are likely to enjoy a game that delivers an immersive experience. Sound quality plays a big role in determining how immersive your experience is, that’s why superior sound quality should be a vital consideration when choosing a gaming headset.

How effectively you play a game sometimes depends on your ability to pick up the functionally interactive sounds, particularly with competitive games. Good sound quality is the one element that ensures you don’t miss a detail so you can make all the right moves each time.

Depending on the type of game you are playing, you will have to choose between surround or stereo game sound, so be sure to do your homework to know which is best for your specific game. 


If you are going to sit for many hours on a single game or more, notice that you will be wearing your headphones throughout. Ergonomics are everything when it comes to doing the same thing for extended periods of time, so be sure to go for a headset that offers the best in comfort.

Besides, why would you sit on a typical comfortable gaming chair if your headphone does little to complement that feeling. 

With in-ear and over the head configurations being the available options as far as headphone comfort is concerned, it’s a no brainer that the latter will provide better comfort. Even then, not all over the head options are perfect. You have got to pay attention to the padding to be sure that it’s the right cushion and material for you.

Do they fit right? Once you are convinced that the padding is great, it is important to consider the fit just to be sure you’re getting the perfect accessory for optimal wearing comfort. Depending on what works best for you, the options available for you may include a comfortable lightweight option (L), comfortable fit that rests around the ear (also XL), or the ultimate: extreme comfort around the ear (also XXL). 

Open-back vs Closed-back

As soon as you hit the highway in search of the best noise cancelling headphones, you soon come across the terms “open” and “closed” headphones more often than not. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet the more descriptiveOpen-back” and “Closed-back” descriptions so it’s important to understand them.

These are no jargon. Normally the rear side of headphones – the side that faces away from the ear – can either be opened or closed, hence the terms “open-back” and “closed-back”.

An open-back gaming headset have small openings that allow you to hear sounds on the surroundings outside of the gaming sound itself, while also keeping your ears cool. The mechanism is in that the gaming sound does not come out so much as to disturb those around you.
A closed-back option on the other hand seals out the sounds from your surroundings, keeping them from bothering you at all while you’re playing. The mechanism equally seals off the gaming sounds from disturbing your surroundings. You may prefer this option is you want to hear the slightest details even in noisy surroundings.


Playing games that require communication with other players will require some form of microphone. When buying your headphone, you want to ensure that it has a built-in microphone to make your in-game collaboration possible.
Ideally you should look for microphones that provide some form of advanced noise cancellation – that’s when you can be sure that your fellow players will hear you during the game with crystal clarity. 


Whether you are using the headset on a gaming console or your gaming laptop, a proper headset will transform your gaming experience. Pay attention to these details to help you buy the best pair for your next game

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Intel i3-8350K vs Ryzen 5 1600 vs I5 8600k : Battle for Budget Supremacy?

Hi, folks. My pc upgrade point is nearing. I'm currently using Intel i3- 3210 CPU. It's nearing its end and will possibly replaced by a new CPU in Q1 2018. So I was curiously watching the recent developments and trends in the CPU industry.
Currently, a heated war is going on between Intel and AMD. My original plan is to get Ryzen 5 1600 CPU, but the new Coffee lake processor launch is near and thought I should wait a little longer before i3 8350k arrives or may be core i5 8600k.
The rumor circulating is that it trades blows with Ryzen 7 1700. Let's wait and see I'm upgrading in Q1 2018, So I will have enough time before the update.

The overall decision will be based on gaming and multitasking performance, future upgrade path. How much CPU+ MOBO combination costs and price-performance. Decisions haha

First, here's the spec war between I3 8350k vs. Ryzen 5 1600 vs core i5 8600K
CPURyZen 5 1600Intel i3- 8350KIntel i5 -8600k
Socket typeAM4LGA 1151LGA 1151
CPU Cores6 core/12-thread4 core/ 4 thread6 core/6 thread
Clock Speed4 GHZ3.4 GHZ/ Turbo 3.6GHZ3.5 GHZ
Power65 W65 W95 W
Cache8 MB16 MB9 MB
FamilyZenCoffee LakeIntel i3- 8350K
Manufacturing Process14nm14nm14nm
The Specs are almost identical but architecture is totally different. Lets wait and see who wins.
As you can see the quad core i3-8350K has a stock clock of 4.0 GHz, 8MB of cache and a TDP of 95W. What interesting is Intel's mid-range has shifted to lower side. i3 now comes with quad core. In fact its the first one to feature four core. My previous generation i3 has only 2 cores and 4 threads.

Ryzen 5 1600 on the other hand features overclock. The b350 motherboard is comparatively cheaper when compared to overclocking supported intel motherboard. And I also saw some hits silicon lottery and gets overclocking it to 4GHZ on air. Speaking of cooler Ryzen 5 1600 comes with wraith spire cooler

Well, that's it for now and let's wait and see the reviews and finally judge which one is the best bang for buck overall.

finally the covefefe lake is out. But curiously the mid range gaming champion is Intel i5 8400 because of lower price and performs similar to ryzen 5 1600 in games.
But the overall package may not be worth till Q1 2018 because the budget mobos are releasing at that time frame.
I think ryzen 5 1600 is still the best bang for now because of cheaper mobo and AM4 platform support till 2020. And also i can drop another good cpu without changing motherboard which could last another 4 years till 2024 before upgrading to a new complete setup or save the extra for a new GPU.

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30 Day Fit Challenge Workout App Review - Lose weight Trainer

Well, the following is the review of 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout app. This is a gaming blog and Why are you doing this?  Well. I'm currently taking break playing games and looking at myself, here are some reflections of me. Enough for me to workout
1. Can't concentrate on anything except videogames
2. I'm 25, 5"7 and weighs 75kg (165.347 pounds)
3. I sit too much time in a chair.
4. I can't walk that much. If I walk too long, i'm out of breath
5. Running 50 meter is my limit. Yup. More than that, I'm out of breath.
6. Last time I failed to qualify the firefighter exam due to extreme low fitness level and fell during running test. That was embarrassing!
7. I can't even do more than two chin-ups.
8. For some reason, I'm able to do 8-10 push ups.


1. Do I have prior experience with workout?
NOP! I'm a workout newbie
2.What's my goal?
Shed a few kilos and get back into good fitness at the same time review this app.
3. Six pack abs?
Nah.I don't mind if it appears
4. Will this app work?
I don't know. Lets put it to test?
5. What's my diet?
Well, I eat four times a day drink only 1 liter of water may be.
6 Any change to diet?
Yes. I'm going to cut the quantity of food to 1/2 and going to drink plenty of water probably 3-4 liter a day. To combat the change in diet, I'll only eat it slowly. And completely avoiding snacks and fried dishes
7. How am i going to do the review?
I'm going to take the challenge. Let's do it!

30 Day Fit Challenge APP overview

The app is free to download from playstore and apple store. At the moment of downloading, the app has positive reviews. This gives a good indication that app is working for some.Also, there's instructions and calendar which gives info about how much weight you. Lets see the result at the end.

#1 Day 1 - 7/19/2017

I selected the full body workout plan with Easy plan 1.It shows the animation videos and voice instruction on how to to exercise.easy plan 1gave me some challenge probably 50% of my strength. Then I switched to easy plan 2. It probably tests 70% of my strength. Well, that's me. Too weak :(. After completing the training it shows you how much calorie (also in KiloJoule) you burned
Result: the progress is now 3.3% and 29 days left. I felt shivering during plank. I'm going to stick with Easy plan 2. my initial impression is positive

# Day 2 - 7/20/2017
Last day was effective. I'm saying this because my body is experiencing soreness at the moment.Hopefully, soreness will go away after 2-3 days. Day two done and it's good. I'm really happy that i'm doing some sort of physical activity. Diet is going as planned. Cutting meals is not easy. But drinking more water after meals is really helpful to compensate.

#Day 3 - 7/21/2017
The number of exercise increased. The time also increased. There's this new exercise push-up wit rotation which is a bit challenge for me. But done somehow

#Day 4- 7/22/2017
Its rest day on the app :(

#Day 5 - 7/23/2017
Better. I can do exercise a little better and the difficulty of doing it slightly decreased.

#Day 6 - 7/24/2017
Thighs are still hurting. But done it.

#Day 7 -7/25/2017
Since i completed a week, i check weight today. It's 164 lbs now. i lost 1 pound. Not bad!

#Day 8-7/26/2017
Its another rest day on the app

#Day 9- 7/27/2017
Missed :(

#Day 10 -7/28/2017

# Day 11 - 7/29/2017

#Day 12 - 7/30/2017
NOP. sunday

#Day 13-15
Done except 1day.I think i'm getting lazy.Space key not working

#Day ? - Missed!

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