Apple iPad(6th Gen) Tablet (9.7 inch, 32GB, Wi-Fi) 2018 Review : Awful?

So i recently bought the new 2018 iPad seeing raving reviews. Its the budget version. And it's my first ever apple product and thought give a quick review about it. Apple ipad is the best tablet according to 90% of the youtube reviewers but there's catch they didn't tell me. Luckily it doesn't affect me because I didn't buy for it. I have another purpose for it. Hopefully, this may help you decide whether its worth buying or not?
Let's start with the cons first

It's awful for video watching

And its the biggest drawback. Yes, it's awful and it's not the screen or picture quality. It's the 4:3 aspect ratio that was common in old devices decades ago. If you are a media consumer, you would most probably be disappointed.

Every new tv, smartphone, laptop or monitor, and other tablet use either 16:9 or 16:10, Amazon prime videos, YouTube and most movies are recorded and presented that way. Almost 95% of video content today are in that ratio.
If you are watching Youtube or prime videos on iPad, you'll end up with letterbox which is a black bar on top and bottom of the screen. it's not purely black, its kinda greyish black which is annoying watching videos.

You can zoom in to and fill the screen but when you do that other parts of the image gets cropped out. So your 9.7" screen is effectively gets reduced to a 7.7" screen. The letterbox takes that lost space.
Watching videos in 4:3 ration is also not good.

But there's a partial workaround and I think its not legal. There's an app called moviebox from tweak apps, which streams movies in fullscreen compatibility. You have to directly download it outside app store and install it. But this app battery consumption is very high and only works if you are in US/UK and probably unsafe. I tried VPN but no luck.


It weighs 478 gm and its really heavy to hold with one hand. Holding it for a long time will make your hands tired.


You have to buy a new case and screen protector for it. it's really a dust and fingerprint magnet. And the cost adds up.

What're the Pros then?

Browsing the web on it is really good and top notch. The screen resolution is top notch. The UI is beautifully designed and the multitasking is also good. There are many tricks and tips which I have yet to learn.

That's it?

No. The only reason to get this ipad, in my opinion, is if you are a student or a professional with a lot of note taking or presentation. The real beast is the apple pencil aka stylus. The apple pencil, its the most important piece of the component.
You can take notes, draw, color, organize and do a lot of creative awesome stuffs with it. And its worth mentioning that there's no slot to fit the pencil on the budget iPad. You'll be very happy if you are a student. And as usual, the pencil is a separate accessory you've to buy. It doesn't come with ipad. And the overall costs further shoot up.


If you are an avid movies lover or media consumer you might be disappointed and on the other half if you are a student, professional creative artists or something you'll be very happy with the Ipad.

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