AMD Radeon RX 460 vs NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti

So today I was looking for a possible upgrade for my aging 750ti bought two years ago. I do have a list of best low profile graphics cards (Without the 6-pin PCIe) for any budget. This 750ti versus RX 460 is to analyze whether RX 460 should be recommended over 950 or 750ti based on its performance.
I’m plugging that list on the bottom if you want to check. Last generation card didn’t give me the cheapest upgrade path. I’m a mid-range GPU fan. There were 900 series Nvidia and R series  AMD cards. What I was looking for is the best performer without the need for external power supply and without breaking the bank. I do have a Seasonic S11 520 W Bronze power supply that can run most GPU’s. The possible option was GTX 950, but it didn’t offer anything spectacular nor it a replacement for 750ti if you do have own one.

So this year I was looking for upgrade options for my 750ti again. So I found that the competitor is from rival AMD RX 460. The name 460 brings me back the memories of GTX 460. Back on to track. Let’s check RX 460 is a worthy upgrade to 750Ti since its new. Check the RX 460 versus 750ti on the table.
GPURadeon RX 460Nvidia GTX 750 Ti
Compute Units145
Stream Processors896640
Clock Rate (Base/Boost)1090/1200 MHz1020/1085 MHz
Floating Point Performance2.15 TFLOPS1.72 TFLOPS
Texture Units5640
Texture Fill Rate57.6 GTexel/s43.4 GTexel/s
L2 Cache1MB (?)2MB
Pixel Rate19.2 Gpixel/s16.5 Gpixel/s
Memory Bandwidth112 GB/s86.4 GB/s
Memory Bus128-bit128-bit
Board Power<75W60 W
Transistors3 billion1.87 billion
Die Size123 mm²148 mm²
Launch Price$110 (2GB)$180
Launch DateAugust 2016February 2014 
Current Price (8/14/2016)$110/£130$105/£80

It is going to be a tough decision for gamer. After all, I'm looking for a card that can replace 750ti that released two years ago. It's certainly not for me. If you are looking for a new low profile card, then it's a good upgrade. According to chart, RX460 will kick 750ti off its low power throne.

Or you can wait for the GTX 1050Ti (released)), but I doubt the price will be lower.


RX 460>750Ti


Best low profile graphics cards
If you spot any errors please let me know! thoughts and comments are welcome :) thanks


  1. I have the same plan like you.. though I'm not very optimistic that the the RX 460 have a very much leap against my old GTX 750 Ti

    If you already bought it, please do share the result.. (so if it's turned out not worth it, I dont have to buy it too :D )

    1. No need to buy RX 460 if you own 750Ti already. 460 is not really a replacement for 950 or 750Ti if you already own one of those.
      If you are new to buying or choosing b/w 750ti vs 950 vs RX 460 then go with 'RX460'. You'll get +-30% performance gain over 750ti and +-10% performance gain over 950 with RX 460

    2. rx 460 has problem on dota 2. google it

    3. This was expected. "However, the team said that there still might be some issues with a couple of games for PC when they launch. For the moment, they suggest the players to load the desktop client and simply disable the overlay."
      Driver issues sigh...


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