Best CPU's for 4K,Gaming, Editing and VR - Buyer's Guide

For the record, this is not a review. It's a simple buying guide who don't want to go through tons of reviews, videos and numbers. Because to fulfill the goal of finding the best, I already go through them crunching numbers for hours. Of course, you can go still go through other reviews. This guide is a start rather than a fully detailed guide. And last, I welcome all readers to share their opinions and constructive feedback.

CPU Hard facts

1.There's no such thing as future proof. Newer CPU's will get released every year.
2. All CPU's are not equal
3. Numbers can lie

Is Intel party coming to an end next year? I just watched AMD New Horizon event, and they want to jab Intel with Ryzen. Of course, kabbylake is due in Q3-2017. Since Ryzen release is still three months away and no real benchmark yet, We can't consider it for this month.
2017 will be awesome with kabylake vs. Ryzen

I don't want to keep you waiting for and jumping straight into recommended list of this month.
The findings are odd and linear. Intel leads the pack.The best processors for 4k capable gaming and editing is Intel i7 6700K. Behind it is Intel i5 6600k. Anything below is not recommended for 4K. It's gruesome on CPU's.

For those got tons of money and its is not an issue, wants to stay top of the chain, destroys everything and expect me to throw the best I can... then, take this

Best CPU for Gaming, 4K, VR and Editing - Premium

Intel i7-6950X

Sorry, I was expecting something more reasonably priced hehe.Then

Best CPU for Gaming, 4K, VR and Editing - Budget

Intel i7 6700k

The new iteration is out, and it's named Intel 6800k. So it's going to be a skylake vs. Broadwell -E. But 6800k is not worth its weight and gold for gamers. And you don't even get bragging rights. The difference between fps of these two @4k is about 2-3 fps. So the Intel i7 6700k is the reasonable choice here. It's a 4 core/ 8 hyper thread (HT) CPU with 91 w TDP, and you get 4GHZ speed just out of the box. The turbo clocking will get you to 4.2GHZ

Best CPU for Gaming, 4K, VR and Editing - Entry Level

Intel i5 6600k

Intel i5 6600k is the next logical choice. Not because of $100 less price compared to i7 6700k but the difference between i7 6700k and i5 6600k is marginal (5%) in the game. The gap widens in rendering. It's 4 core (no hyper thread (HT)) CPU. It's clocked at 3.5GHZ and turbo clock can get you to 3.9 GHZ. TDP is 91W.

So why this nub suggesting me overclock CPU's? I'm not planning to overclock you brat! Well, in that case, get the non-K version!

Where's next?

Its the end! I won't recommend dual core for gaming, not because it's bad. The i3- 6100 is a very capable dual-core gaming CPU today according to reviewers. But the hyper thread isn't helping in gaming. And it's not suitable for 4K or rendering. Good for 1080P and to pair with entry level GPU. It'll start to bottleneck any mid tier or high tier GPU. My three-year-old I3 - 3210 is already a joke. It can't handle games very well now, and not enough compute power to recommend.

What's Next?

Waiting for Ryzen and Kabylake

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