Best CPU's for 4K Gaming and Editing (Oct. 2016) - Buyer's Guide

I don't want to keep you waiting for and jumping straight into recommended list.
The findings are odd and linear. Intel leads the pack.The best processors for 4k capable gaming are Intel i7 6700k and Intel i5 6600k. Anything below is not recommended. Of these let's check how each one stacks up against each other.

Best CPU for 4k under $350 and lower

The new iteration is out and it's Intel 6800kSo it's going to be a skylake vs. Broadwell -E. But 6800k is not worth its weight and gold for gamers. And you don't even get bragging rights. The differencebetween fps of these two @4k is about 2-3 fps. So the Intel i7 6700k is the reasonable choice here. And you get 4GHZ speed just out of the box.

Best CPU for 4k under $250 and lower

Intel i5 6600k is the next logical choice. Not because of $100 less price compared to i7 6700k but the difference between i7 6700k and i5 6600k is marginal (5%) in the game. The extra $100 in6700k will give you more headroom and is more future proof (no upgrade needed for next 4-5 years). I can't recommend anything else at this moment. These are the best cards you should get for your budget if you are going for 4K gaming, Streaming and HTPC.

i7 6700K versus i5 6600K
CPUIntel i7 6700kIntel i5 6600k
Base Frequency (GHZ)
Max Turbo Frequency (GHZ)Up to 4.2Up to 3.9
PCI Express 3.0 Lanes1616
Memory Support2 channel ddr4
2133 ddr3l 1600 
2 channel ddr4
 2133 ddr3l 1600 
Socket LGA11511151
Recommended Customer
Customer Reviews and Speci7 6700ki5 6600k

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