FIFA 17 vs PES 17 : Rivalry Ends?

I've been doing PES vs FIFA for past few years and this analysis is based on observation on each games for years and not based on impulse. I've peen playing FIFA and PES since 2007. And here's the previous versus battles.
FIFA vs PES (2014)
FIFA vs. PES(2015)
FIFA vs PES (2016)
This war between FIFA and Konami PES is going on for years now. Many battles have been fought, and both won many. This year they are going to battle again! Who will become the final King of the football game? FIFA 17 or PES 17? Let's check it out.

FIFA 17 - Analysis

The PC version of FIFA 17 launches on September 27 in North America and September 22 for Origin Access members.The expectations are high for this game. FIFA is dominating the sales chart for past few years. Why? More licensed Leagues, Teams, and top of that well-polished gameplay and minimal bugs. Taking that aside have a look at this year's impressive features.
Story Mode
For the first time FIFA 17 feature story mode. The story will follow a man named Alex Hunter aspiring to become the best footballer. Incorporating RPG into a football game makes FIFA 17 changes into a non-linear game this year.
Frostbite Engine
FIFA 17 switched from the impact engine to Frostbite engine which powers the company's infamous Battlefield 1. A major graphical overhaul.

Gameplay Changes in FIFA 17

Physical Gameplay Overhaul

It's a new way player interact all over the pitch. For example, Eden Hazard likes to play with contact and use his body for physical advantage in the game. And he always keeps ball at his feet. At the center of the overhaul is 'pushback tech' which is US patent pending technology EA built for realism. During any situation, you can trigger the physical play. So you can decide when to engage in battle for ball and space during the game. Also, it enables the first touch shielding against defensive threats. When a pass is played the recipient already knows the defender nearby. So he can shield out and receive the ball in protected position. The overall physical interaction in the game is realistic ever than before.

Active Intelligence System

In FIFA 17 Every player has an awareness of his surroundings and space. Players always try to create space off the ball. Teammates are more active and look for a chance to create space with new run types such as fake runs and run into deep.

New Attacking Techniques
For years FIFA had a problem with attacking techniques. Most shots always go to the roof of the net and Finally! Shots go low instead of always finding the roof of the net. Now you can drive low hard shots into the bottom corner or shoot low volley to deceive the keeper who is expecting high volley. Also now you have the ability to head the ball down. Threaded through passes is another new technique which exists in FIFA 17. Have a look at Lampard pass the ball through the defenders in the real game. It's called the threaded through the pass. Look at the %#@! Awesome delivery of the pass.

Now you can pass like that in FIFA 17.

Set Piece Rewrite
Last but not least one another impressive feature is set Piece Rewrite. In FIFA 17 You can adjust your distance from the ball and based on that distance ball now has a different trajectory. It's useful for players who like vary the free kick or penalty. You can go for a far post or near post based on the position of yourself from the dead balls which allows a wider variety of free kicks and penalty. You can also control your run up to penalties.

Now let's have a look at what's PES 17 has up its sleeves set to release on 15 Sep 2016?

PES 17 Analysis
Nobody trains for a second place. Let's have an eye on the impressive features of PES 17. What? Are they trying for a second position? I'm not expecting for a big marketing campaign, and I wish I could list some interesting features. But there aren't any?

They are talking about player authenticity and such things, but I hear this for some time since PES 13. It was called player ID before now they call it player authenticity. Whats player ID or authenticity? Each player has a set of a unique identifiable feature in a real football game. You can tell who's that player looking how they are running, passing and dribbling. Just like in real games PES has this feature. Each player has a unique set of feature just like in real games. Initially, there weren't many players with life-like authenticity. Now they increased player ID to more players in PES 17.

They signed an exclusive deal with FC Barcelona.The PES 2017 core concept is  'Control Reality' this year. The FCB signature style is Tiki-Taka will get implemented by Konami in PES 17.
Update: EA signed a deal with Man U

Apart from above, there's not much to write.

Gameplay Changes in PES 17
Real touch, Precise pass, advanced instructions, Total team control, corner kick control, Adaptive AI, Authentic visuals and natural movements. It's the same as last year with a different tone.

PC gamers also got left behind with no content improvement on PC port. I LOL'd when the Konami spokesmen (Bhatti) said in another tweet that PC port would have superior resolution and FPS with FIFA 17. If you are on PC, don't ever think about buying PES 17, its the same old game in a new bottle.

The decisive conclusion
It was a long ongoing battle, and it's clear from PES side that they no longer want to compete with FIFA anymore. The rivalry ends here. It's FIFA 17 who scored the winning goal.

Both games are available on PS4,Xbox One and PC


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