AMD Radeon RX 460 vs NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti

:- Nvidia Launched 1050 and 1050ti
And i was right. Everyone was right just when RX 460 kicked the *chit* out of 750ti, Nvidia bounced back and launched the 1050i. It’ll be heck out of battle at entry level gaming. I think i may need to replace the RX 460 from its king of low power throne from my low power list as well (looking for a low profile one). Have a good look at the battle between Nvidia 1050i and AMD RX 460. Who'll be the new entry level champ?

Check the RX 460 versus 1050 on the table. Can you predict the winner?

GPURadeon RX 460Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 
Compute Units146
Stream Processors896768
Clock Rate (Base/Boost)1090/1200 MHz1290/1392 MHz
Floating Point Performance2.15 TFLOPS2.11 TFLOPS
Texture Units5648
Texture Fill Rate57.6 GTexel/s82.5 GTexel/s
L2 Cache1MB (?)2MB(?)
Pixel Rate19.2 Gpixel/s41.3 Gpixel/s
Memory Bandwidth112 GB/s112.1 GB/s
Memory Bus128-bit128-bit
Board Power<75W75 W
Transistors3 billion3.3 billion
Die Size123 mm²132 mm²
Launch Price$110 (2GB)$139
Launch DateAugust 2016October 2016
Current Price (8/14/2016)$110/£130$139
My guess is that 1050Ti is lot faster than RX 460 by looking at the clock speed. We can expect a performance level between GTX 960- GTX970. Take it as a pinch of salt and let’s see its right or wrong after the launch and real world performance, benchmarks. Well, we’ll at least get a whooping performance over previous generation GTX 950 and 750Ti which are favorite among many gamers.
So far the leak says performance is on par with GTX 960.

October update

1050ti is lot faster than RX 460. 1050ti's direct competitor is RX 470. And RX 470 wins against 1050Ti. And 1050 is the direct competitor of RX 460.1050Ti is the, fastest card without no external connector at the moment.

Performance wise

"RX 470> GTX 1050Ti >GTX 1050 > RX 460"

And here's the catch (Hope it'll help you to make buying decision)
The 1050Ti is the fastest hardware without a Power Connector, the RX 470 is only 20-30$ more and just destroys it in performance.If you don't have a PCIe Power Connector and you want to be a gamer,get the 1050Ti.You have good PSU get


  1. but can be gtx faster and more good 3dfx then rx in dx12?

    1. Yes I guess. But We'll have to wait for more DX 12 game benchmark.

  2. You can't just say that the 1050ti is faster than the 460 because of clockspeed, that's not how it works when comparing nvidia and amd. If you do two cards from the same company, it'd make sense. Yes the 1050ti has a higher clock speed, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's faster overall. My r9 390 is overclocked to 1120 mhz, and i can tell you right now it's gonna be a hell of a lot faster than the 1050 ti

    1. you are right."My guess is that 1050Ti is lot faster than RX 460 by looking at the clock speed".I think that statement made it confusing. I meant 1050Ti is clocked higher compared to its predecessor.


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