Gamesloft Gods of Rome Game Review

Welcome to my first game review in 2016. I didn’t do any game review on Android device besides arcane legends. I hope you’ll like this game.

How to get 3 Star Fighter Free?
If you complete the Act 1 in Story Mode, you'll get a guaranteed 3-star fighter. And I got Another 3-star fighter as a gift after completing Act 1. And also another one for completing act 1 with 100% completion.Same goes for all other Acts in story mode. Happy Playing

Device specs

Motorola G (3rd Generation)
OS: Lollipop (Also available on IOS)
Played: 18 hours

Game info and Requirement

Free to play
Game download size is around 600MB
Requires internet connection
Game feedback
I played plenty of fighting games before on PC like street fighter, mortal combat, and WWE 2k15.  But I haven’t played a fighting game on the phone before. This game is just awesome.

Graphics – 10/10

The game has excellent graphics and animations. The game not overloaded with the cluttered user interface. And it’s easy to navigate. Good job by developers. The game has cool characters. And there is different animation intro and ending with each fight. The characters are incredible.

Characters – 10/10

Characters look fantastic although everyone is not from Rome as the name implies but all characters are looking gorgeous. Currently, there is 1 star up to 4-star characters available with exclusive characters like ‘Talos’. And each character has a bio. They have skills which unlocked at different levels. And there’s also a secret power which opened when getting the same fighter. Also, there are special moves for each character called ‘ULTRAS’ which unlocked when reaching different levels. You can upgrade characters with items as well. But there’s no character customization as of now. Also, there are class advantages which are cool for game balance and group bonus for different characters when fighting together called ‘bonds.'

Gameplay 9/10

Story Mode (Restore Heaven)
This mode is consists of 3 Act and each with four chapters. And one chapter consists of 6 quests. And each quest comprises a different number of fights. So in 1 act there are 24 quests. So far I unlocked only 1 act and still playing it and love to fight.
Special Events
These are special events which are like story mode but with different reward/loot. Currently, the reward is unique nectar.

Controls 8/10

Mash buttons? Lol. Some may not like it. But controls are easy to learn.

PVP 8/10

Currently, there are one vs. 1, three vs. 3 and another three vs. 3 with different rewards. And there is a leaderboard. After each fight, the characters need resting time around 2 hrs. Currently, 3vs3 runs on limited time and can only particular classes participate. The flaw of PVP is that you can't beat a 4-star character with 2-star character.

Sound 8/10

The theme music is fresh and there are certain tones which make you think you are in Sparta! But as the game progress, the bgm gets annoying. Hopefully, as the game progress may be the devs will update it with different theme songs.

Final Opinion and Rating - Positives and Negatives

First time in the fighting game? It's a great start.The game requires online connection all the time to play. It would’ve been better if I could play the story mode (at least) offline. And grant me the rewards when I’m online. Everything else is excellent including graphics and gameplay. Hopefully new characters will join the gods of Rome roster. 4 star characters are hard to get. Also fighting against 4-star characters with a 2-star character doesn’t make sense because two stars can’t beat four stars. Well, can’t expect more from a freemium game. The name of the game doesn’t suit the game...The gods of Rome has similarities with Marvel: Contest of Champions. I give it an overall 7.9/10.
Update 1/19/2016
4 star fighters are still hard to get. I managed to get four three stars fighters now.


  1. Replies
    1. You have to get the same fighter (same star) twice from the sphere.then you'll get duplicate fighter(which is the same fighter but a secret skill is unlocked)

    2. I got different player with different stars.... Is it useful or not

    3. Yes. In PvP, there's different level gap. It's useful levelling all the star players even if it's the same characters


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