How much does it cost to build a good gaming PC?

Ok, here I’m again concluding 2015 once more. LOL! (Lots of love) On my last post, I forgot to thank all readers of this blog. Thank you and wishes you ‘Happy new year’
I saw many online sources publishing articles on building the best budget gaming PC’s. Well, they are doing well but they often don’t mention it’s valid only in their countries. The price of the same item is different from different markets and countries. For example, my Nvidia GTX 750ti graphics card costs about $200 (price conversion), whereas it cost only $100-120 in the US and around same in Germany. For that $200 I could have bought a GTX 760 but I can’t because I didn’t live in the US. Same applies to nearly all PC parts. This is why building a console killer aka Gaming PC is not possible on a budget around the world.
I’m shaking my old memories now. Back when I’m young, I been fooled by a retailer who sold me a Nvidia 8400GS claiming it can play all games. Well, it did play some and didn’t play all. I didn’t bother to return it back and claim a refund. This was due to my knowledge is limited because that time I didn’t even know there were different cards (better) by different companies!
Time flies so fast so do I get older and still eager to know latest tech cool gadgets. Some are affordable. Some are expensive. Back to my point, how much does it cost to build a decent gaming PC? For that purpose here are the parts you need to build a gaming PC for the first time.
1. Processor
2. Motherboard
3. RAM
4. Keyboard and Mice
5. Cabinet/case
6. Power supply Unit (PSU)/ SMPS
7. Hard disk (HDD)/ SSD
8. Monitor
9. Modem/Router
10. OS
Well here is the truth. If you live in the US then you are lucky to buy a more than capable of PC for a budget around $400 - $500. But not everyone lives in the US. So your best option is Build or Grab a cheap office PC/ used PC (minimum dual core processor. Most are now dual cores). And throw the best discrete GPU that doesn’t require external power supply. In my case, I bought 750ti which was good at that time – 2014. My original idea was to add prices of each item in every country based on price conversion. But that’s not possible because of different market and taxes.
So if you really want to build a cheap gaming PC and want to know an ideal cost taking U.S price as a standard. And the exact answer is relative. Ideally putting together best components for money gives the best budget PC (not always true). It costs around $700 - $800 in the world (with the exception of some countries). And here’s the catch, Go for the best Graphics card you can afford. Also don’t bother with the low price on the same item on the different market you can't do anything but deal with. Thank you and wish you happy New Year again. If you can provide your budget then there are hundreds of forums out there which can help you to build a gaming PC around possible price bracket.

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