Oculus Rift Ready PC Specification and Price

Before jumping into the wagon of next generation virtual reality Oculus rift, take a look at the recommended PC specification

As you can see the setup is aimed towards High-end gamer and doesn’t fit into the budget of a casual gamer I guess.
Take a look at the price of recommended PC components
Processor : intel i5 4590 - $ 189.99
Graphics Card: Nvidia Gtx 970- $330
                Amd R290 - $269
                  Compatible HDMi 1.3 Video output
RAM   : 8 GB - $40

If you go with Nvidia root it cost approx. $559.99. And if you go with Amd, the price is approx. $500. This is just for 3 components. You need additional components that are compatible with your PC hardware like case, PSU, Storage, Mouse, Keyboard, OS, Monitor, Speaker...Etc. The remaining will cost Approx $500. And that’s a total of $1000. So you need to allocate approx. $1000 for the PC itself. You can directly buy oculus ready PC from various manufactures which cost around same price.
Plus the price of Oculus Rift is announced and its $599 in U.S
What’s in the box?

The Preorder contains Rift HMD, One Xbox One controller, one base station for spatial tracking and 2 games. Lucky Tales and CCP’s Eve: Valkyre.
Games Supported
Keep in mind that the Oculus rift has Specific games that are designed for it. Already released games won’t work without special driver updates.
In my opinion, Oculus Rift is a luxury that casual gamers couldn’t enjoy at the time. In the feature, this may become more affordable and fit into budget gaming.
And as for gamers with killer Machines, it’s a must have to start to enjoy VR in its full potential.

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