Arcane Legends Crafting Guide for IOS/Android/PC

Crafting Station!

Hi, legends! This is my guide for crafting in arcane legends which I play on weekends now. This is one of the most requested guides out of two. The other is XP leveling guide which I’m working on it.
Crafting introduced in 2014 which required a client change at that time. This was a major breakthrough in the game as it was new tech and is an upgrade to the overall game as well. It’s simple to use actually. The crafting station can be used to craft powerful items, eggs, combine items and jewels and can be used to upgrade items as well.

Getting started

Whether you are on your PC or smartphone (android/IOS), on the top left in the game you can see you profile name. Touch/click on it opens sub menus. You can see the ‘crafting station ' at the bottom. Open it and now you can see two options. 1. Craft Opening the craft will open the box to craft items. There are different things you can craft 1. Items This includes amulets, rings, planar fragments, Eggs, armor, helms, locked crates… you need to collect certain materials to craft different items. 2. Jewels ‘Jewels’ are a new addition to the game which replaced ‘Gems’. You can craft powerful jewels here. And can combine to form more powerful jewels. It can be farmed from all maps in the game. Once you have the material to start crafting, hit the ‘Craft’ button. Now your items are being crafted. After some time, the crafted items will be ready.
al craft

Crafting Time and Limitation

Different items take a different amount of time. The arcane pet ‘Nekro’ takes 4 days to craft while ‘Energy requires only 30 min. You can speed up crafting using game currency platinum. But I don’t recommend it. The max crafting slots are limited to 5 per character and can craft only 5 at a time. Upgrading The second option is upgrade. Select the item you want to upgrade. Legend (pink colour) items have 2 slots to upgrade, while mythic (Orange colour) and Arcane (Red colour) has 3 slots to upgrade. You can’t upgrade 3 slots of a single item simultaneously. That’s it! Now you know how to craft in arcane legends. It’s simple and easy.The hard part is obtaining the materials.
al craft2

Pro Tips

1. Do not use platinum to speed up 2. Crafting slot is limited 5 per character. So use your story token/ orc tags to buy more characters. Characters on the same account transfer items. Stash your items. You can use your another character to remove it from stash and use. And you get 5 crafting slots per characters. Having more characters means more crafting slots and more inventory space. Thank you. You ask questions or help here. And I’m gladly ready to help. Also, check my other guides if you are interested.

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