My Top 10 Best Free Android APPS for Beginners

Hi!! Before this year 2015 going to end, I would like to conclude this year with my top 10 free android apps. When I say ‘my top 10’ this isn't just recommended by me. I got few friends who use android phone as well. They recommended these apps to me. Since these Apps are free and it's worth to install it, I believe you’ll like these apps.

Number 10 – Camera360

This is the best camera app for android. And it’s a must’ve app for any android user. This app comes with a lot of features. It’ll become handy. It filled with many effects. Plenty! I say. Also, there is effect store filled with more free effects. You’ll like this app for sure. If you want to take a photo and don’t want to edit it after, then the prebuilt filters/effect will help you. And there are additional features as well. Also, you can take selfies with effects. This app is simple and easy to use.

Number 9 – ES File Explorer

This is a file manager App that effectively organizes and helps you to find the files faster. It consists of five categories for easy finding. These are images, music, movies, Apps and document. This app has a simple interface and it’s very powerful.

Number 8 – MXPlayer

This is a video player app that lets you play videos. It supports almost all the video formats. The best feature of this player is that it lets you adjust screen size as you want it. Also, there is the volume control on the left and brightness control on the right.

Number 7– UC mini 9

This is an ultra data saving internet browser. There are different versions of UC mini. But I like this because of fast speed and data saving. The chrome browser uses more data even with compression enabled. Unlike chrome, UC mini loads fast with less data usage. It has also night mode which can be used at night which really helps in dark reading.

Number 6- Clean Master

This will help you with cleaning junk on your phone and optimization. Also, there is boost option for performance enhancement. Also, it really helps you to easily free RAM and uninstall unwanted APPS. It comes with a built-in antivirus. SO you don’t need additional antivirus software. This is a must have app.

Number 5 – Evernote

Evernote is the replacement for your traditional pen and paper. Evernote helps you to get organized and to perform efficiently. It can be used to create the notes you want to remember. The highlight of this app is the work chat option. The scope of this app is tremendous. You can capture handwritten notes. This app is like your physical and digital workplace is merged together. You can do many things without leaving Evernote.

Number 4 – Memrise

It’s an amazing educational app to learn languages, math’s, science and many other topics. Absolutely loving it since the day 1!! It has the memory training option and standardized test. I started the 400 word of TOEFL – intermediate English. This is a great app for learning so many things interactively.

Number3 – Tap the Frog

You may have had heard about it. It’s time for game apps. This game is cool and fun. An absolute no brainer game with a lot of fun. This game reminds me the classic arcade style games back in 90’s. The game unlocks new levels when to reach certain amounts of stars. A great family game which you’ll like

Number 2 – Cut the Rope

It’s time for games that requires some skills. This one is a blast. The game has so many levels and to unlock and many innovative levels you’ll like. You have to cut a rope to make sure the candy at the end of rope goes straight into a frogs mouth

Number 1 – Where’s my Water?

The final and last app is also a game. It’s one of the best apps developed by Disney. This is a fun game as well as challenging. You have to dig the underground and make a way for water to reach a poor crocodile. It’s one of the best games for android. My roommate plays this game on my phone all day until a point I had to delete it :)

Thanks for reading my top free android apps for beginners. Hope you’ll like and enjoy these apps. Don’t forget to share. Also, what do you want to see next?

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