Site updates log 2015

December 2015

Back again! mobo is still not get replaced. I bought a new one Gigabyte H61M-S1.This time, my net connection got knocked down. Currently typing from PC which uses USB tethering for data. The PS4 1080p/60 fps got updated. I'll get back soon.

November 2015

Sorry for not replying to any comments lately. This is due to my PC issue. My computer motherboard got some problem. The PC starts and lasts only for 5-10 seconds. Then it automatically turns off and never start again.
I spoke to the technician and he said this is due to 3 reasons.
1. CPU fan is not working
2. PSU is not working properly.
3. Motherboard issue.
Apparently my issue is due to 3 and sent it for to repair and it's not back yet. My mobo is Biostar H61mlv2 I guess. And if you are wondering I'm typing from my phone. It's hard for me to type on the phone. I'll reply to comments as soon as my PC get repaired. So don't hesitate to throw comments. Thank you. I'll try to reply using this phone for now.

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