10 Tips for Longer Android Battery Life: How to Make Your Android Phone Last Longer?

Modern Android Smartphone’s utilizes the latest hardware and technology, yet most of the time the tiny gadget failed to last one day. The battery life is still poor on Smartphone’s. That’s the trade-off when Smartphone compared with Basic phones which last longer. Let's look into increase the battery life on Android phone.
Before going to the tips, why Smartphone battery life is so poor?
All techs except battery tech are improving are the main cause of battery draining. Every year we get better CPU, RAM, displays on Smartphone’s. It’s like a mini-computer. There are more hardware components in Smartphone than before. And it’s getting increasing. Faster CPU, more cores, higher resolution, LTE radios... are all requires more battery power.
These tips are not only for android phones but can be used for all Smartphone’s generally. Also these tips won’t magically double your battery rather it helps your phone to last a bit longer.
1. Screen Brightness 
Screen display is the one that drains most battery charge. Reduce the screen brightness to a level you are comfortable with. Not maximum or minimum. Set it to a level between 0 and 50.
2. Background APPS sync
 Switch off the auto updates in Apps. These uses lot more power without knowing you.
3. switching on and off 
Do not turn off and on the phone frequently. Phone uses a significant amount of battery when switch on. Frequent boot load drains the battery fast. Also don’t let the battery to drain completely and switch off. When phone reach its limit about (5%-10%) charge the phone completely. Don’t charge halfway and use. Charge fully and use till its reach the limit again.
4. Battery charger
Don’t use any other charger other than the charger you originally got with your phone. Some people use other charger for fast charging. Actually it’s harmful to your phone as well the battery. You’ll soon see the phone gets heats fast and drains the battery faster. The display panel gets heats too. So use the original charger and don’t use another charger. Don’t forget to turn off the charger when battery is full.
5. Games
Like computers, heavy games draw more power. The graphics intensive games make the phone to run at high clock speeds and uses more ram. Minimize the gameplay if you can or don’t play games at all.
6. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Radio
These won’t consume power when turned off. But when it’s on these consumes power fast.
7. Push notifications
Do not enable push notifications in the APPS. These also consume battery charge.
8. Bloatwares
Most companies include their own apps along with their customized android OS. These apps can or can’t be removed. And starts when boot load. These are commonly known as bloatware something you don’t want it phone but forced to install. If can, remove these apps. I recommend installing stock android.
9. Remove Apps
Uninstall the APPS that you don’t use. These may be not loaded on screen but it may be using background resources without knowing you. Remove the apps completely that you don’t use or use bare minimum.
10. Control memory and Battery usage
Android phones has inbuilt tool to see the battery usage. So you can see which software or service using more memory and battery. You can plan your usage according to this.
And finally,
Have a daily routine to charge your phone. Frequent halfway charging also causes the battery to drain fast and affects the battery life in the long run. All batteries have a life time. It dies one day. Use your phone carefully to increase battery life.

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