Arcane legends PVP Warrior Build Endgame Guide

Here is an update. The skills you need is the same as below, but the stats is higher at Lvl 56 and 61. One newest addition is the mastery points. Put it into Juggernaut and Vengeful blood to reduce cooldown time.
This has been in my mind for few months. I mainly play warrior as my main class. However, the PVP scenario in AL is horrendous.  Rogues rule PVP. However, if you have the right skills and the best stats you have 75% chance to win against rogue and win the game with your teammates.
First, I’ll give you a look at what kind of stats you need as warrior for PVP (LVL 46)
It's not me!
The above stats will give you an idea of how much stats you need before entering into PVP, Arena or upcoming duel. And about the pet, you need Nekro. Or if you don’t have enough money then buy Toor. It’s a great alternative to Nekro. Last but least this is not a maxed out warrior. The above is a med-high warrior. Without those close stats, you are toast as a chicken.  Rogues these days break the best warrior skill juggernaut so easily. And most of them run with a Nekro. A fully decked out warrior stats exceeds this warrior stats by about 30%, and you rarely see them because they hide their true stats in the towns and shows it only in PVP room.
OK, I give you the warning before entering into the PVP. And let’s go to the build for a warrior.
Axe Throw - 5/5
 Horn of Renew 4/5
 Skyward Smash - 3/5
 Juggernaut 4/5

Rest point goes to PASSIVE and Mastery

Might 5/5
Knowledge 5/5
Durable 5/5
Agility 5/5
Critical Shot 5/5

Explanation of build
First of all this build does not work unless you have the above (or close) stats. And also requires great timing. Warrior is the class that requires the best timing. There are different types of rogues. Maxed out rogue can KO in 1 shot. You never know what happened. Also, charge heal and Juggernaut before use. These are some basic info. You are now fine with it.
1. Why Axe throw over CS and Windmill?
Chest splitter aka CS is a great skill for instant damage and fast CD. But the problem is the range. The opponent has to hug you to get hit. The range is poor. Also, Axe Throw 25% debuff upgrade crushes enemies. And about the windmill, it’s slow as a snail. The CD is long. And this kill has global CD. Once you cast windmill all other skills go to CD as well.
2. Rally Cry skill?
Useless as deary pet in PVP
3. VB (Vengeful Blood)?
This is a great skill for tank mode if combined with juggernaut. With only VB, you’ll get all the buff but you’ll die faster than a fly.
4. Why no passive damage 5/5?
The pet % damage overrides the passive damage. Dor example if you have a pet with 10% damage then it taken into account for overall total damage. So even you have 5/5 damage passive you won’t get 15% overall damage but gets only 10% damage.
5.  Why juggernaut?
Its CD is long, and that’s the disadvantage. But once you cast it you are unstoppable (exception ‘Breeze’ passive). Nobody can stun you or panic you. Once your health drops below 25%, you’ll cast self-heal.
6. Where to put mastery points?
Juggernaut and VB
You can ask more about PVP builds for warrior here.

Final words!
Practice! Practice! Practice
Practice makes you perfect and untouchable.


  1. Yes This Build is Good. Also the Juggernaut Skill got Updated. And more buff coming to it after client update. If you are trying out this build make sure to get atleast a mythic maul now. Better get an arcane 2H wep which is just released. Its op.
    As a side note. This won't work if your stats is too low. You should aim to get higher stats than the current image i provided.These stats are bit outdated

  2. Can you update this guide for lvl 56?

    1. I need to get back on game on update it to lvl 56. Still there's not much change in the base build. Put mastery points in skills you are comfortable with


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