Windows 10 Versions Explained

Microsoft is silent about windows 10 release date (rumors says it’s July) but they already clarified some questions regarding different editions/versions. So which windows 10 version is right for you?
First of all, there are seven different windows 10 versions. Windows 10 will be released in 190 countries in 111 languages at the same time.  For the users who currently are using Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and windows 8.1 (smartphone) gets the free upgrade to windows 10 in the first year. The price after the first year is not currently spoken. Also, there is no Windows 11 or next windows. From now on Windows 10 will get updates. Windows 10 is designed to work on Smartphone, Desktop, Laptops, Tablets, Microsoft HoloLens, ATM machines.

7 Editions – Which to Choose?

1. Windows 10 Home

This is the desktop version that most suitable for casual users. This is the actual replacement for Windows 8. You can use this version on Desktop computer, Laptops, tablets as well the hybrid Lap-Tab.
This version features  Voice assistant ‘Cortana’ which is like Apple ‘Siri’ and Google now, Microsoft’s new web browser ‘EDGE’, Log-in options  such ’Windows Hello Facial Recognition', Iris scanner and  fingerprint scanner. Also features apps windows maps, mail, calendar, music, videos, and photos.
Price: $ 109.99

2. Windows 10 Mobile

This is for Smartphone’s and small screen tablets. This is the replacement for windows 8.1 Smartphone OS. It features everything in the windows 10 Home version including Universal apps. Another feature is the Microsoft office with touch support. Also, it packed with a feature called ‘Microsoft continuum’. If your phone connected to a large screen you can use your Smartphone as a personal computer. It adapts according to the device using. Those who use windows phone 8.1 can upgrade free.

3. Windows 10 Pro

This is the professional edition of Windows home which targets small business owners. This can use it on personal computers, tablets as well as lap-tab hybrids. With the help of cloud storage, data can be stored securely with this edition. This data can be handled with different devices independently. Security updates are available.
Price: $ 149.99

4. Windows 10 Enterprise

This edition is for enterprise level companies. This edition has the most security updates. Therefore, you have to pay to install security updates. This version features a variety of apps and different device management setup. This windows version can be used to handle company information, employee login and the devices connecting to the network and their security.

5. Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise

This is for users who want more secured Smartphone or tablets. This is the mobile version of windows 10 Enterprise. Features more security and fast work environment. You’ll get volume licensing for security updates. This is for users who do business mainly using Smartphone’s.

6. Windows 10 Education

Windows 10 version specially designed for educational institutions. Teachers, students, and employees can log in at the same time and help to do their work easily. This version needs an Academic volume license for updates and security. Schools and student’s using Windows Home or Windows Pro can upgrade to Windows 10 education edition.

7. Windows 10 IoT core (Internet of Things)

This version of OS is used to connect different electronic devices to the internet such as ATM’s, billing machines at the retails stores, handheld terminals and industry robots. Not for a home user but hobbyists can use it.

That’s it! For people like me who use PC for personal uses such as watching videos, play games, listen to music, surf internet then I choose ‘Windows 10 Home’. Hope this guide will help you to choose the right version that you needed. Thank you.

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