Can you make a videogame with game making software and no experience?

This question arises a lot mainly from gamers. Gaming and game developing are totally different. They both are in different poles. The only similarity is game developers take a lot of feedback from gamers and use it to improve the game. Some use that data to monetize their game.
This is totally aimed at individual people or hobbyist who wants to create games and  may be making a living out of it (hard!). Also, I can predict that you most probably a lonely wolf but don’t know how or what tools to use and have no experience in coding.

Different types of games and platforms

There are console games which are made for gaming consoles, PC games, browser based games and mobile games (android and iPhone games). Also, there are cross-platform games.
Keep the following in mind
1. Game developing really hard doesn't give up early
2. You can’t magically create game overnight ( with exception of some software)
3. Don’t use multiple tools at once.
4. The only way to make quality games is gain years of experience
5. All tools have pros and cons


This is very basic software that helps you to develop your logic and well as helps you to understand programming concepts. This is developed by MIT. It looks like kid’s software but it suitable for all age group. You can create animations games and stories with this tool. This is a simple tool with blocks and rearranging. But works very well and it helps you to gain confidence. Don’t be discouraged by it looks. This will surely help you.
Tutorials to search: Programming scratch edx course

Game Maker Studio, construct 2D and stencyl

Once you have some confidence you can start making with the help of software. The above are the popular ones.  I recommend Game maker Studio by yoyo games. This comes from experience. This software is excellent. It’s very easy to learn. No coding is necessary. Others are also free of code.The tool is free to try out. The free version has all the functionality to make your game. I’m sure you’ll like this software. I recommend you try out any one of them and stick with it for some time. Don’t jump wagon too early. You can make amazing games with this software. To.To publish and port the game you need a license. You can purchase the full software later if you like it. The pros of this software are its simple to use and can make any 2d game and the limitation is 3D functionality. You can also sell your games made by these software's.
Tutorials for game maker can be found in official website forum. Also, there are YouTubers out there who made a great tutorial. I recommend Shaun Spalding and Ghazworks. Search them under youtube.

Unity 2D and 3D

Serious about game development? Then I recommend you to start with the Unity game engine. You can create 2D as well as 3D games. The professionals and Indies use unity lot. Unity requires a bit of coding.The reason is this engine is very flexible. Unity 5 is the latest version. You can download the personal edition for free. Professional edition cost $1500 or $75 per month. Well, you don’t need pro version. For learning free version is fine.
For the best tutorial search for ‘brackeys’ under youtube. The unity site has tutorials but I recommend Brackeys. I made pong  game with unity following brackeys guide. He has the official website with great tutorials.

What's next?

In the process of game making, you’ll face many challenges. The biggest of them is art and animation. So don’t think about art quality first. It’s all about finishing your game as fast as possible at fist stage even with ugly art. Make a game that runs fine. Once you gain experience and want to go business level you can work on your art for more time or hire someone who knows how to do animation and art. If you have any question you can ask. Now go make games!

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