Best Video Games:List of really great, non-bloated, enjoyable but not all-consuming games

Updated : 4/14/2016

Recently while reading through the comment section of another website a question struck on me. “Where can I find a list of really great, non-bloated, enjoyable but not all-consuming games? This question matters a lot. The answer comes naturally after a lot of thinking is staying out of open world games or only do Single player. For example, in assassin’s creed: Black flag I only did single player mode and done only quests associated with the main story. And When I checked the stats bar I completed the main story in less than week. And the completion percentage is only 47%.

 Because all new amazing games have immersive depth like never before. You have to adjust yourself to the game you play. You buy so many games and don’t finish it or finished halfway and move to another. Not because you can’t finish it but because you reached the point where you are done with it. Games are not any more ‘Games’. They are already passed the saturation point. Take the open world games. How long it’ll take you to finish it. That type of games fall into the answer of that question?
Even I can’t pick a game that falls into this category. I need help too! If you are reading please suggest games that can be included into this. So I decided to compile a list that answers that question. The answer to the question is very tough. I can’t make this list instantly. This list can only progress slowly and with the help of a community of gamers out there.

Note: Forget the Platform you play! We need Amazing games list

Here we go

  • Telltale games: Walking Dead Series (10/10)

An amazing point and click adventure game with zombie theme and lot of meaning. The game is tailored by the choices you make. The choice you make has an impact on the game.

  • Shank (10/10)

An amazing game reminds of the days when I played ‘contra’. The best thing about this game is its art. The one who done the art did an amazing job. The game is fun, lot of action and story is casual. A must play the game.

  • Neighbours from hell  (9/10)

This one standout from the other game because it’s a game that you’ll never forget. The game is funny. You can play this game in happy mode. Of course, you need some strategy to beat this game. Developed by JoWood Productions.

  • The Last of US (10/10)

An exclusive PS4 game with an amazing story, graphics and everything you need to enjoy. Surely fits into this category.

  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted (10/10)

This is a Great racing game with a story and mission to become the number one. Plenty of customization options as well. You’ll know it when you play.

  • Red Dead Redemption (10/10)

An interesting game with amazing quests that you actually wants to do. The main story is touching with a spectacular gameplay. Get ready for wild -west action.

  • Call of Juarez: Gunslinger 10/10

Amazing game with no or less bugs. A well polished games by Techland studios. Another wild west game! so cool. And excellent replay value.

I can’t conclude this list because I need community help to find the type of game that fits into this category. This will be a great treasure for the gaming community.

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