Is Minecraft on Wii U/3DS? “For some strange reason, no”

Minecraft is a popular game among all people but where is the Wii U or 3DS version. The game is not available on all Nintendo platforms.  And is available on other devices such as Psvita/ Fire TV and even on Raspberry pi .Why?
Why such a popular game not coming to Nintendo platforms? The answer is the company is not interested in making it available for their platforms. We hear a lot that there’s lot of talk going on between Nintendo and Mojang. But for some strange reasons, it’s not going to happen.

There are plenty of reasons for it.

  • The game is appeal to Western audience and Europe but not in Asia

The game has large audience in US and European countries but it doesn’t have large audience in home country Japan. There’s already a similar type of game is developed by Nintendo called ‘Mario Maker’ and is going to be released in September 2015. Also, there’s already that types of game projects in Nintendo shelves which is coming in near future.

  • Nintendo is very cautious about gaming business.

 There’s a loyal fan base around them. They don’t want to disappoint them. They are focused on local audience. Nintendo is more interested in developing its own projects rather than deal with another company to make a game for them. This benefits them more.

  • The Wii U is popular in Japan but not in the US or western countries.

 The sales of this console are very less than PS4 and Xbox one. Poor sales in global may be the reason.

  • Minecraft is now under Microsoft and it is less likely Nintendo deal with them.

On the other hand, Mojang and their partners want platform holder Nintendo to fund for the port as well as its maintenance and upkeep. That will cost so much. Instead Nintendo could fund their projects with it.

  • Nintendo watching Minecraft installs on other similar consoles.

The one reason I strongly believe is Ps vita and Wii u sales are neck to neck sales in the local market. Minecraft is already available for PS vita. And is not doing well on vita which is a device which can be compared to Wii u in terms of numbers. So Nintendo didn’t want to jump on the wagon too early. They want to watch on similar console installs on local market as well as in local market before jump into a deal.

  • Minecraft sales are saturated.

There’s no point bringing it into Wii u/3DS.  Minecraft sold millions of copies worldwide and is been available for some long time. The fans who want it already got it. They moved to other consoles or PCs.

  • A new Nintendo console is coming. 

Nintendo may be developing a new console. And more focused on first part titles for it

But don’t give up the hope of light. Wii U and 3DS are very much compatible with the Minecraft because of the touch controls. And we often hear talks are still happening. Western audience needs Minecraft on Wii U/3ds. This will boost sales of Wii U in North America and Europe. On the other hand potential buyers are available in local market.

Here's an interesting footnote from Wikipedia. Maybe this explains everything why Minecraft is not coming to Wii u or 3DS.

wii u 3ds reason

Note: This is an Opinion Piece and not official.

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