How to Become a Video game Designer/Programmer ?

The video game industry is grown into billion dollar industry which is hard to get into. Don’t afraid to be a video game developer. This is going to be a long article I think. So sit back and read.
Aspiring to become a Videogame Designer/ Programmer?
You are at the right place. I’ve done proper research about it and this is what you need.

Part 1: Learning

The game developing is typically divided into art, design, Technology design and Production. If you wanted to be a designer, you need skills in all these areas. You need to learn everything. This because the job is not what it used to be before. It’s always evolving. Most companies have their own proprietary game engines to develop games. They don’t have time to teach you what button to push or what to do next kind of stuff. You should be prepared for everything you can get. So Learn the skills.  You don’t need a degree to become a programmer. But you must need a degree to get a job these days!
So what degree should I get? The Answer is Bachelor of Science in Computer program, undergraduate studies in game creation. You must become the best graphic programmer.
Where do I study this?
Every country has a university that offers Bachelor of Science in computer science. So search by yourself where in the country you can study it. Choose the best university or college. I’ll list the recommended Universities or institutes by experts.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
University of Southern California
Guildhall at SMU
Texas A&M's Viz Lab
UT Dallas' game program
Austin Community College's Game Development Institute
University of Texas at Austin
St. Edward's University offers undergraduate studies in game creation
The Austin School of Film

Part 2: Learn again! 

You need to take a wide array of classes. You have to push beyond something that schools can’t teach you. You have to be at that level. Don’t miss the chances to take advantages of internship and apprenticeship opportunities. These won’t always announce officially. Keep searching to take full advantage by creating networks with founders, managers and professionals already working at game studios and other creative companies. This is a key strategy. Companies need people work as a team. And they look for such people.

Part 3: Start making games!

You can’t waste the time. Start making games with open source software such as ‘Game salad’ who knows? Maybe you can create next ‘Flappy bird‘or ‘Angry birds’. This will enhance your skills as well you have a game to add to your portfolio. This is an advantage.
Also, learn skills, not tools
I mentioned it first. Specific game engine knowledge is not needed. Companies use propriety engines that are not available to schools. So it’s not mandatory to know about them. You need skills to tackle problems during the game development process. Being said that it’s good to have knowledge about them in general.

Part 4: Getting job and game industry

This is very tricky. Most choose this path. It's less likely companies will include you in direct development at first. So, apply for an entry-level position such as customer support or quality assurance or a game tester. Quality assurance is the recommended position for programmers at first. Even if you are not in direct development you can fix their games this way. Then the company will notice you. You have to work your way up from now on. Keep in mind programming job is demanding and gruesome but well worth at the end. ‘No pain no gain’ you know.

Part 4: Make a living!

It’s time to make a living. Often parents say ‘you can’t make a living with video game job’. False, Videogame designer/programmer average salaries are easily in the $70,000 range for four or five years of solid experience. Games are like software’s. You are always in demand. Pretty good ha! Never give up. You can do it.

Your thoughts and feedbacks are appreciated

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