Best Pets in Arcane Legends - Arcane Rarity

August 2016 Updates coming. I'll update the list with all new arcane pets. Need to get back on game first.Thanks for patience!

This is the list of best companions for your character in arcane legends.This list also contains all the arcane pets released so far and also their stats. Note that this is for end game PVP as well as PVE. At twink level, this list is not valid. And this does not include the legendary as well as mythic pets. If time allows I’ll add that in the feature.
Update - Price updated

*** New pets Arcane Deary and Stampy will be added later
*** Pet ranking changed
*** Price Updated 2/13/2016 - Prices fell!
Number 9 -Hammerjaw
Hammerjaw arcane legends pet

Rarity: Arcane
This was the first arcane pet released during Kraken expansion. It was the no. 1 in its time of release. It had the glory days but no longer. It comes under the shark species.

Hammerjaw stats

Current price: 900k

Number 8- Glacian
Glacian pet AL

Rarity: arcane
Second arcane pet released during Nordr expansion. It’s one of the best-looking pets in the game. It provides some nice stats. It comes under the ice type species. It has a mythic counterpart pet called slag.
Glacian stats in Arcane legends

Current price: 1  Million

Number 7 - Maridos
Arcane legends Maridos

Rarity: Arcane
It is the brand new arcane pet. It’s incredibly rare and has very nice stats. It’s the latest addition to the arcane category. It comes under Genie species. This pet talks in Spanish as well as has nice animation.
Maridos stats in Arcane legends

Current price: 700k

Number 5 - Whim bros
Whim brothers in arcane legends

Rarity: Arcane
This is a holiday arcane pet. It released during summer holidays. The stats aren’t so great but it’s very superior in PvE. It pulls in all the mobs. Extremely helpful in elites.
Whimbros stats in arcane legends

Current Price: 2 million

Number 4 - Singe
Singe in Arcane legends

Rarity: Arcane
This pet provides the highest stats for a warrior in the game. This is an ideal pet for mages and warriors. This pet has some pretty good passive abilities. It comes under dragon species. Its counterpart mythic pet scorch considered as very weak.
Singe stats in arcane legends

Current price: 750k

Number 6 -Samael
Samael pet in arcane legends

Rarity: Arcane
This is the king of terror Samael the “banisher”. An extremely useful pet in PVP as well as PVP due to the amount of panic it makes in opponents. It has “Terrify “(a kind of stun) in its arcane ability as well in passive ability. It also has passive health and mana regen. It also one hit mobs. This is a ghost type pet. The mythic counter pet is called “ Abaddon”.
samael stats in Arcane legends

Current price: 1.3  Million
Number 3 – Toor

New pet Toor has been released. This pet is very powerful. Currently deserves the number 3 spot and pushed samael back to 6th position. This pet not only has nice stats but looks great.  There is another variant called gold Toor which differs only in look and has same stats. This pet has the best price performance ratio now. Truly worth it. This pet shines because of devastating AA that does rapid damage and debuffs. If you know the game mechanics, the debuff overrides buff in the game.
Current Price: 800k

Number 2 - Shady and surge
shady and surge in arcane legends

Rarity: Arcane
This is a limited edition pet only available for leaderboard winners. This is an overpowered pet. Its arcane ability has a chance to spawn damage and health pool. This pet does ridiculous amount damage. It can wipe out an entire team if pool stacked. Also, the pool has 30% chance to banish. It is also the most expensive pet in the game. It's now dropped from the Masive locked crate of rengol.
sns stats in al

Current price: 10 million

Number 1 - Nekro
Nekro arcane legends

Rarity: Arcane
The most powerful pet in the game now is Nekro. It comes under dragon species. This pet is in number one position because of the overall performance. You don’t want to run into someone using Nekro. This pet comes under dragon species.
Nekro stats in arcane legends

Current price: 2.2 Million

I hope you all enjoy the game as well as your new companions. Have a nice day

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