WWE 2K15 Released on PC And System Requirements

WWE 2K15 roster

Finally, it's coming back to the PC after long freaking years!. The console exclusive WWE game is now released for PC. If you don’t know what’s WWE 2k15 it’s a professional wrestling video game. If you already own Xbox one or PS4 version of this game, it’s the same on PC. It offers the same console experience. Because this is a console to PC port.
Big bonus
WWE 2K15 comes with big bonuses. It comes with free DLC which includes the preorder one. However, Paige is not available yet. Don’t worry it’ll come as a free DLC.
Modding and graphics
wwe2k 15 twitter response

Yes. This is what PC gamers looking for. The modding has been confirmed. The graphics are good and up to date. You can run this game at 60 FPS full HD
And as for the system requirements

WWE 1k15 system requirements

Credits: Steam

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