How to play MMORPG ? Case Study with rpg

Hey guys. Nice to meet you again. Today I’m going to talk about ‘how to play MMORPG’? ‘Huh what’s with this? We know how to play a MMO’. Well this isn’t about how to play MMO but how you play MMO. This isn’t a typical article to teach you to how to become the ultimate champion or leader board winner in MMORPG but a criticism towards MMORPG in general.
Well my first game is the ‘dark legends ‘developed by Spacetime studios. Then I moved to ‘Arcane legends’.  Impressed by the quality of graphics and the new world of virtual reality I’m totally addicted to it. Yep I played the game 8-10 hours day. You won’t believe this. I even wasted 1 year playing the MMORPG doing nothing else. Luckily, this just happen after my graduation exam so it didn't affect my study at that time. But after that I wasted next whole one year doing nothing. Now I regret it. Come to think of it I learned the lesson. 
how to play mmorpg

What I've learned is
MMORPG are serious time killers!
Yes, these are time killers. Be prepared to approach the MMORPG with caution. It’s started like this. When I started to play arcane legends it’s gorgeous, cool, fascinating and amazing. Well, it is! Soon started to level up and I felt very powerful. That feeling, temptation gradually moved into an addiction where I started to spend at least 8 hours a day to play the game. Sitting on a chair I’m slowly turned into a zombie. And killed a lot of what?  Time
What did I earn in MMORPG?
I earned a bunch of funny-looking creatures called pets, Level banner, vanities and lot of in-game gold. So I wasted my time to get these virtual items. So in reality, I earned nothing. But keep playing the game made me happy first but soon it turned into a zombie's brain.
MMORPG ‘PVP’ (Player vs. Player)
This is the ‘dangerzone’ of any MMORPG. What I meant is it is the unhealthy part of the MMORPG. And this is the selling point of the game. When you have powerful items in the game you can dominate other players. All you see here is the frustrated, confused, trash talkers and evil minds who are ready to jump on you. I know I’m not a saint either but hey, after leaving the room the only thing you have in your mind is the revenge. And it slowly starts to eat you to the point where you are starting to become the zombie.
The powerful items in MMORPG
This is what everyone is after. These are limited items or need a serious amount of money invested in the game. Mostly these are almost impossible to acquire for a casual, regular or hardcore player. It needs the “LUCK” as it stated by the players. Also, these are the hook for the company. There are items that make people spent money on the game.
This is the place where the entire community is located. You can ask for help, suggestion and can directly interact with the developers here. Unlike other game developers, arcane legends moderators interact more here. And they are nice. Ok now to other scary parts of it.
Bending the rules.
You may have heard of Iphone bending. But this is different. The MMORPG game company will bend rules as they wish. And it is called “favoritism”. The one who pay high has the special privileges. They will get insider information as well as any new update coming to the game. The rest of the community will only know it later. Another thing is the ‘Thread lock’.  If you voice your opinion against the company or their unhealthy practices your forum thread will get locked immediately.
Sorry, I was going off the topic a bit. Ok lets comeback to the point how to play the MMORPG.
So how I play the game now? I now understood this is just a game. Nothing in it’s real. All you see is pixels with people like me and you behind controlling it. I cut down my playing time to weekend now. So I saved a serious amount of time. Next step is cut down the playing hours into 90 minutes or less. Hope I’ll achieve it. I’m not going to quit as a gamer but this will help me to overcome by current obstacle. The game is now fun.  So my advice is this ‘don’t get carried away by the MMORPG. It can be either fun or hell’. 

This article is to be originally written as ‘Arcane legends’ review but since this applies to all MMORPG, I choose it to be published as a case study. Sorry for my English.

With regards 'Admin'

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