How to Buy Proper Gaming Headsets?

Every avid gamer knows: gaming headsets are some of the most important accessories in the gaming world. The kind of headset you use may make or break your experience, that’s why it is important to put in some care in the buying process.

How do you ensure you buy the very best there is in the headset market? There answer lies in the elements you have to look for in a pair of gaming headsets. Here are the key considerations to make when buying your pair to ensure you get the best.

Sound quality

You are likely to enjoy a game that delivers an immersive experience. Sound quality plays a big role in determining how immersive your experience is, that’s why superior sound quality should be a vital consideration when choosing a gaming headset.

How effectively you play a game sometimes depends on your ability to pick up the functionally interactive sounds, particularly with competitive games. Good sound quality is the one element that ensures you don’t miss a detail so you can make all the right moves each time.

Depending on the type of game you are playing, you will have to choose between surround or stereo game sound, so be sure to do your homework to know which is best for your specific game. 


If you are going to sit for many hours on a single game or more, notice that you will be wearing your headphones throughout. Ergonomics are everything when it comes to doing the same thing for extended periods of time, so be sure to go for a headset that offers the best in comfort.

Besides, why would you sit on a typical comfortable gaming chair if your headphone does little to complement that feeling. 

With in-ear and over the head configurations being the available options as far as headphone comfort is concerned, it’s a no brainer that the latter will provide better comfort. Even then, not all over the head options are perfect. You have got to pay attention to the padding to be sure that it’s the right cushion and material for you.

Do they fit right? Once you are convinced that the padding is great, it is important to consider the fit just to be sure you’re getting the perfect accessory for optimal wearing comfort. Depending on what works best for you, the options available for you may include a comfortable lightweight option (L), comfortable fit that rests around the ear (also XL), or the ultimate: extreme comfort around the ear (also XXL). 

Open-back vs Closed-back

As soon as you hit the highway in search of the best noise cancelling headphones, you soon come across the terms “open” and “closed” headphones more often than not. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet the more descriptiveOpen-back” and “Closed-back” descriptions so it’s important to understand them.

These are no jargon. Normally the rear side of headphones – the side that faces away from the ear – can either be opened or closed, hence the terms “open-back” and “closed-back”.

An open-back gaming headset have small openings that allow you to hear sounds on the surroundings outside of the gaming sound itself, while also keeping your ears cool. The mechanism is in that the gaming sound does not come out so much as to disturb those around you.
A closed-back option on the other hand seals out the sounds from your surroundings, keeping them from bothering you at all while you’re playing. The mechanism equally seals off the gaming sounds from disturbing your surroundings. You may prefer this option is you want to hear the slightest details even in noisy surroundings.


Playing games that require communication with other players will require some form of microphone. When buying your headphone, you want to ensure that it has a built-in microphone to make your in-game collaboration possible.
Ideally you should look for microphones that provide some form of advanced noise cancellation – that’s when you can be sure that your fellow players will hear you during the game with crystal clarity. 


Whether you are using the headset on a gaming console or your gaming laptop, a proper headset will transform your gaming experience. Pay attention to these details to help you buy the best pair for your next game

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