Top 3 Online File Converters Of 2019

Let’s face it, not all phones can support all file formats and same is the case with PCs. Now, this leaves us with no other solution than to convert the files first in the formats that work on our computers and phones and then transfer those files. You see, this file format thing is quite frustrating too because most of the times, when people are in real hurry the error of “this file is not supported by your device” pops up.

We know the struggle you have to go through when this sign appears and we totally understand your situation which is why today we are here with some of the best and the most effective online file converters of 2019. These converters are supposed to be on your fingertips so that the next time you go through the “unsupported format” error, you know where to head to.

Here are the three best online file converters we were just talking about;

1- Online Convert Free 

No matter which file you have in which format, this online converter will be always on the go for you because it covers almost all the possible formats. Yes, you read it right! And on top of everything, unlike the other online converters, this one comes with the easiest interface. Like once you head to their website, you will know it right away about what to do next and how to get your file.

Another amazing thing about the Online Convert Free software is that it brings the quickest possible results. So, in case you have a presentation to give and you want to convert a file real quick, the Online Convert Free is what you need to use because it can literally change the format of the file for you within seconds.


Want to convert a file in the blink of an eye? Well, if yes then you need to opt for Convertio. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this software is so far the best one and the quickest one that can help you in changing the format of your desired file.

On top of everything, the customer reviews of Convertio are too good and people are quite satisfied with its performance so yes, you should also give it a try.


This one comes with literally 1200 different formats to convert you files in. Yes, you read it right! Isn’t it amazing? That you can now have a software right on the go for you to convert the files that you need? The only issue with Zamzar is that it’s interface is a little difficult to handle but on the whole, it’s a one great software that will definitely impress you with the features it comes with.

These are the top 3 online file converters of 2019. So, now without wasting any more time, just use any one of the above-mentioned converters and we promise you that you will love the experience.

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