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So I was watching new displays revealed at CES 2017 and 2017 is the year of HDR. If you landed here somehow you might be interested in this new technology as well. And it's coming to monitor space as we thought. LG teased it first, and many other followed. It's time to move beyond 4K  and jumps to jaw-dropping visuals, the best we've ever seen. If you got AMD’s FreeSync 2 (upcoming), the you are on different league! It optimizes the image and reduces lag (HDR tone mapping) further. Nvidia cards support High dynamic range as well


And the most important news is, HDMI Forum revealed new HDMI 2.1 spec. They call it Dynamic HDR (which is the dynamic metadata as many call it.). Do I have to care? yes. There's a difference you have to know. See the difference in quality?

HDMI 2.0a

HDMI 2.0a uses a single HDR grade for a video.

HDMI 2.1
Dynamic HDR optimizes individual scenes and frames to the capabilities of your hardware.So you’ll always have the best brightness, contrast, and color gamut.
Haha. But wait.Only the proprietary Dolby Vision supports dynamic HDR. DisplayPort 1.4 already supports dynamic HDR metadata. Dynamic metadata may come soon to HDR10 standard.


Oh well. There are other types of HDR. HDLG, Dolby Vision (DV) and HDR10 (10bit). DV is proprietary, and HDR10 is an open standard. If you are looking for a monitor for PS4 Pro or console, look at this guide here.Because there's a lot more to tell on that

Thought i should compile the list of HDR monitor here to see for everyone interested. As more displays get unfold, We'll add it here. Help us to find if you spot a new one as well. It's super helpful to everyone.

Update( Moved): Hey guys! check here for the Ultimate List of HDR monitors with details 

HDR Monitors in an Overview - Updated 27/4/17

Dell Ultrasharp 27UP18Q
Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ
Acer Predator XB272
Dell S2718D
Asus Pro ArtPA32U

Needs confirmation -1/11/2017
Update : - I found these on Nvidia g-sync hdr white paper.

"While NVIDIA GPUs support HDR over both the HDMI and DP display interfaces for PC platforms, DisplayPort 1.4 is considered the more popular choice going forward. In particular, using the High Bit Rate 3 (HBR3) link rate allows DisplayPort monitor inputs to support 4K@144 Hz versus 4K@60 Hz maximum for the latest HDMI 2.0b standard. In fact, G-SYNC HDR monitors driven by the NVIDIA family of Pascal GPUs supporting DP 1.4 with HBR3 are the first display device (TV or monitor) to demonstrate HDR and 4K@144 high refresh rate"

and this from somewhere else

HDR functionality monitor is entirely controlled and depends upon a ‘G-SYNC HDR’ compatible Nvidia GPU being used. Only PC's with Nvidia Graphics cards can properly use this monitor.

and from Asus blog

The PG27UQ uses a new version of G-Sync tuned for HDR. High dynamic range refers to the screen’s ability to produce a broader range of brightness, color, and contrast than typical displays. More specifically, the monitor supports the HDR 10 standard currently used by gaming consoles.

So needs confirmation on these

1. Gsync HDR monitor's 'HDR functionality' works without an nVidia GPU?
2. HDR feature works or not with PS4 pro and Xbox 1S

What ya think?

LG 32UD99  

Only monitor that seems to work with PS4 Pro - *Update- Don't get this one!*  Not worth

They teased it first. Its's a 4K 60HZ IPS 32" screen and supports DCI-P3 Color Space (95%). It does have a USB - C port as well. We think it's for professionals. It's more like a universal display rather than gaming in our opinion. If you are a Mac user who is looking for external display, see this guide.

Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ


However, Asus is the first one to fulfill gamers dream; They paired High dynamic range and G-Sync together. The PG27UQ is a 4K (3840x2160) monitor with 144Hz refresh rate on an In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel. I Assume you know what it means. We're not sure how many Vega's or 1080Ti's you needed to get that jaw-dropping resolution and fps. We believe this monitor is not for ordinary.It's for the best. To conclude, it features quantum dot and HDMI 2.0 and display port 1.4...*faints*

Dell 27 Ultrathin monitor S2718D


This is an incredibly thin monitor featuring 27-inch Quad HD (2,560 by 1,440 pixels) screen. Not much wow factors like Asus one but the HDR10 support, Ultra thin design and the affordable price tag makes it appealing enough.PS4 Pro image on this will get scaled. it's not suitable for pro.If you read the guide you already know  i guess.

Acer Predator XB272


Hmm. Another one for gaming is revealed. It's a 4K G-Sync HDR at 144Hz monitor. It boasts 384-zone backlighting system and a Quantum Dot filter to enhance the color palette of the display.

Asus 32" Pro Art PA32U 

It's another monitor from Asus for professionals and designers. This 32" monitor has 384 zones and could hit peak brightness of 1000nits. It supports wide color gamut too.

The update is in progress, and more goodies will join as soon as more monitors announced.


  1. No prices for the LG yet, but the others are $2K+, the Asus Pro Art won't be suitable for the PS4 Pro with no HDMI.

    1. yes.acer and asus one rumored to be support only pcs with nvidia gpu to get hdr work and only supports hdr via dsiplay port.
      I might add warnings before anyone jumps into buying these monitors lol

  2. How do you know the PA32U does not support HDR via HDMI? I don't see any source say that

    1. I read it in the specification in the below official link during preliminary announcement.The HDMI version wasn't HDR compatible. So i put a warning sign. Now the link is redirecting back to homepage :)

  3. I wish that bloggers and even actual journalists would educate themselves on what HDR actually is and stop falling for the marketing ploys(borderline scams) that companies like dell feed them. HDR consists of 2 things a 10 bit panel and 1000 nits peak brightness. What companies like dell to is develop their own fake standard that includes the buzzword HDR for instance "Dell HDR"(which is their actual term for it) and then rely on blogs and articles to spread the word that they have HDR when in actuality they themselves never claimed to be certified by the UHD Alliance. Everyone just assumed "Dell HDR" met that standard. Then gamers come along an article like this and buy a monitor that ISN'T EVEN A 10 BIT PANEL...which is the foundation of HDR to begin with!!!!!! Its a plane ass monitor. So you guys convinced a gamer to spend $100 extra on a marketing term!!

    1. Sorry. I get where you are coming from.The above article is not yet finished and i stopped updating it. And i don't want to rewrite everything again and again haha. I already covered what you are looking see here

      or here

      thank you


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