Best 4K UHD Monitor for PS4 Pro - Buyer's Guide

Last updated on Jan 6. 2017

**Fast points **
HDR monitors announced at CES 2017
PS4 Pro supports HDR10
1440p monitor image will get downscaled
HDMI 2.0a/b Port is needed for HDR content
HDMI 1.4 supports 4K@30HZ
HDMI 1.4 2160p at 30hz is not supported by the PS4 Pro now(discont. after 4.0.5 update)
HDMI 2.0 Supports 4k @ 60HZ
Getting Monitor with more than @60HZ is pointless cause PS4 and PS4 pro won't go beyond that FPS and its's capped @60HZ
Many people are asking me what's the best monitor for PS4 Pro after reading the TV buying guide. The straight answer is 'none.' Nonsense! You are lying. No, I'm not! Apparently, no single monitor is consumer ready with HDR except some prototypes floating around. I'll attach it to the bottom to check.The highlight of PS4 Pro is HDR and 4K output (native and upscaling). To enjoy PS4 pro games with its maximum quality, you need an HDR compatible monitor.I wish a lot of them would be ready in 2017 with PS4 Pro compatible tag.unfortunately; that won't happening soon.So what to do next? You can wait, buy a 4k hdr tv or buy a monitor anyway and later upgrade to HDR monitor when it arrives.
So if you are going with final option, you should be aware of these things

Before you buy
You should know that PS4 Pro doesn't support 1440p and the image will be downscaled to 1080p and look worst. So buying a 1444p monitor is futile. A fully capable HDR10  monitor release is far far away. The reason is, the technology is relatively new and can currently be implemented only in large screen (40"+ display) and need zonal control of backlight which makes them bulky and expensive.
The True HDR theory
The True HDR  requires a very large color gamut (Rec. 2020), contrast ratio, and also maximum luminescence being able to output ~350 cd/m2 max. In reality, it should be able to produce extremely bright and dim element at the same time. OLED' are capable of that. But due to potential degradation and input lag issues of OLED panel, I think manufacturers don't want to go that way. On the other half, QLED is promising.
PS4 Pro Display Chart

If you still want to get a monitor for PS4 Pro, you should look at these monitors depending on the budget although I won't recommend getting a monitor for PS4 Pro now. I'll add HDR compatible monitors when it's available here.

And here's a video showing HDR monitor vs Non HDR monitor

HDR Monitors announced at CES 2017. Here's it is  Link

4K UHD displays (Not HDR!) 

These are 4K UHD non - HDR displays that works with PS4 Pro.

LG 27UD58-B 27-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor with FreeSync

LG Electronics 4K UHD 27UD88-W 27" LED-Lit Monitor with USB Type-C

LG Electronics 4K UHD 27UD68-W 27" Screen LED-Lit Monitor

ASUS MG28UQ 28" 4K/UHD 3840x2160 IPS 4ms Adaptive-Sync Eye Care Gaming Monitor

LG 27UD68-P 27-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor with FreeSync

Thank you!
Source and reference

What's in the news?

Jan 5   : New HDR monitors announced at CES 2017
Jan 3   : Dell announced new 27" HDR10 monitor but its Quad HD resolution (2560 x 1440). So its only good for PC and not good for PS4 pro.
Dec 20: I just came across a reddit thread by zanshunmu. 4k modes not being supported on HDMI 1.4 4k monitors and TVs is a software bug in the PS4 Pro's system software.In spite of the fact that it DID work prior to 4.0.5, Playstation support is now saying that HDMI 1.4 2160p at 30hz is not supported by the PS4 Pro
Dec 14:LG is going to reveal 32UD99 4K IPS UHD monitor with HDR and usb -c at CES 2017. More about it is here


  1. also 27ud58-b works with ps4 pro and is bit cheaper then ones listed

  2. Nice article!!
    Tip: could you add a 'last updated on' timestamp to the page. This would help to avoid checking the page on new items. Thanks

  3. Im gonna buy ASUS PB287Q 4K Monitor.Is it compatible with ps4 pro?TQ..

    1. It seems PS4 pro has issues working with that monitor.

    2. I have one i cant display 4k on the pro

  4. what would be better between Samsung U28E590D 28" vs ASUS MG24UQ 23.6" I read somewhere that the samsung could only do 30hz with ps4 pro? I don't see why its a 60hz monitor?.... Also I will be sitting roughly 2' away from the monitor screen so im unsure about what screen size would be best suitable?

    1. They pretty much around the same except panel. U28E590D uses TN panel. MG24UQ uses IPS panel. I take IPS panel over TN panel for great color reproduction. Both are 4K, 3840 X 2160 Resolution (UHD), 60Hz (HDMI 2.0).It should work without any problem. can u link where you read samsung could only do 30hz with ps4 pro?. ~23/24" is more comfortable in that distance


      3/4 of the way down the page there's a headline "Samsung U28E590D: 28-inch 4K Monitor for PS4 Pro and Xbox One S" Its the last paragraph in the catagory. "The Samsung U28E590D works at 30Hz @ 4K resolution. If you want 60Hz, which we highly recommend by the way, you should consider the LG 27UD68, which is the best 4K 60Hz monitor for PS4 Pro since it features a HDMI 2.0 port."

    3. I Think i found it.On Samsung UE590 monitor,Only the HDMI 2 input supports HDMI 2.0

    4. I don't suppose you could give me some input on a gaming headset? lol i know its off topic and all... But so far between the ASTRO A40TR with Mixamp Pro Or the new gen of ASTRO A50... or anything else that's better that you could recommend? Here's the link to the astro site for PS4 Headphones...

    5. Not sure why. I pulled the official manual it says HDMI port 2 is 4k 60HZ.

      It might gone under revision since its release in 2014

    6. After searching a lot i think Astro A50 (4th gen) is a little better.Still the mic quality is not good (better than previous gen)for the price. If you have any other wireless device in the room it may interfere with A50 as well.
      There's new Sony Platinum Wireless Headset coming in January.May be its good to wait to see what it's offer.

    7. In Full Effect do you know what the differences are between the a40tr with mix amp pro and the a50s? besides obviously the a50s are wireless...

      I find the a50s make people sound distant, tin canny, or nasallly when they talk... I've listened to a few demos now..

      I'm just not 100% sold on the a50s yet...
      1) The mic seems to be hit or miss good or bad.

      2) The mix amp is built into the headphones; so you dont have a visual on what your adjusting on your headphones unless you take them off... or youll be there having to feel up your ear pieces to make adjustments while in game at times....

      3) I heard that the placement of the headphones on the charging bade is finicky.

      4) Is it as responsive as if it were hard wired like the a40tr?

      5) There's the potential for interference since it is wireless...

      6) I've read that some people are getting a ringing noise of some sort on the right ear piece... not sure if it's common or not...

      7) It's just a matter of time before the headphones hold less and less of a charge.

      That's all I really have right now for some concerns.. my biggest are the apparent mic issues and I seriously dislike how the mix amp is built into the headphones and you can't visually see what you're doing unless you take them off...

    8. 1) yes
      2) yes
      3) yes,if headset isn't seated properly.I think that's a deign problem
      4) yes
      5) yes
      6) it could happen with any headset not just A50. Its the interference cause within or external components.Since ther's no cables connected to the headset there won't be any buzzing i guess
      7) yes. after many charge cycles, it'll hold less and less charge just like any other devices
      8) mic isn't replaceable and mic quality is an issue. it sounds like a bit robotic and the sound going through a lot of compression already during the game.

      If you dislike A50 then its its better go with A40tr mix pro unless you are not considering separate headphone and mic setup.

  5. In regards to the Samsung UHD Monitor UE590, will it be fully functional with the PS4 Pros's benefits? Not sure if the HDR would work...

    1. It works. Here i found this video working with Pro. No HDR support

      Samsung U28E590D Working on PS4 Pro at 4K

    2. Because NO monitor is consumer ready with HDR till today! detailed explanation is in the guide LOL

  6. So as long as the monitor is 60hz and has hdmi 2.0 which the ps4 is plugged into...I'll get the 60hz and not 30?

    1. Yes and need a high speed HDMI Cable supports up to 4K at 60Hz as well.
      btw Samsung U28D590D (D) is the one with 30HZ.
      U28E590D (E) supports 60HZ through HDMI port 2.

  7. This monitor would works as well I think.. but it's pricey BenQ BL2711U

  8. So what about this varient of thst samsung...

    Did you check out that BenQ?

    I also replied above in regards to the Astro a50s

    1. LU28E590DS/ZA = Its the regional variant of UE590 - HDMI 1 port supports 4k/30 HDMI 2 port supports 4K 60HZ. The second one Benq is more for towards professionals and designers and price is high. it works with PS4 pro as well. Spec says 3840x2160at 60Hz(DP, HDMI-2)

  9. Thank you for this! This will be my goto source for monitor/tv information! :) You've convinced me to wait with both ps4pro and a new monitor! When hdr comes to monitors, or when we upgrade the tv set, I'll look into it again! Thanks again!

  10. Any updates. In the next month or so gonna purchase the PS4 pro and a 4k monitor. I want to find the best monitor to get all the features of PS4 pro.

    1. yes updated. HDR monitors announced at CES 2017.more info is in the guide

  11. I bought the lg ud2768 w and it doesn't work with my xbox one s hdmi cable and xbox one s.

    1. Although, the guide is not intended for Xbox one S, that monitor should work with XB1S.

      You've to turn on the LG deep color option on in the settings, so it allows you to set 4k resolution at 24hz and 50hz.

  12. Not 4K, but Dell annonced two HDR10 + Freesync support 1080p series monitors at CES 2017, Infinity Edge Design. Not sure how HDR10 would look in 1080p on a PS4 Pro?

    S2418HX MSRP $290
    S2718HX MSRP $380

    I read they will be available February 2017.

    I'm not holding much hope for the new LG 4K with HDR10 to be wallet friendly, I suspect this will be a $1K+ range monitor, as the Acer and Asus just announced are in the $2K range. I may settle for one of the Dells listed above to get the HDR10 value.

    1. Cool.I'll check the dell models
      Out of the announced 4k monitors LG ud99 is only is the only one that properly supports and works with ps4 pro i guess. Acer and ASUS one requires nvidia graphics card for hdr to get it work. they call it gysnc hdr and won't support hdr via hdmi port and only support via display port.

    2. The LG is what I have my eyes on, seems perfect for the PS4 Pro but I need to see some more specs/reviews and input lag test along with the price, as I'm using an older 24" Asus 1080p monitor at the moment, passing on a 4K HDR10 TV since I prefer gaming on a Monitor.

  13. Instead of waiting for an HDR10 compatible monitor (presuming the new LG 32" will be out of my price range) I bought the LG 27U68-P at Fry's today, not on the list but identical to the -W model, only difference is the -W has a White back and the -P has a Piano Black back. I have 30 days to return it, but so far so good, no HDR but it's better than 1080p by leaps and bounds.

    Noticed it wasn't on the list, also the 27UD88-W is identical aside from the USB-C option and USB ports, which bumps up the MSRP $200 any PS4 Pro gamer may not need these features?

    The 27UD58-B doesn't use a power brick, has a built in power supply among other differences like NTSC 72% color gamut vs sRGB 99% for the 27UD68, not as edgeless as the 27U68 models either and etc. Not sure if the $50 difference is worth it as I Fry's didn't have it in stock to compare?


    1. Correction the color gamut is identical, just a different spec callout that I missed.

      Brightness however is higher on the 27U68-P 350 cd/m2 vs 250 cd/m2.

    2. The listed based on compatibility and monitors that works with ps4 pro. I didn't looked further into specific features. There are many monitor that has same connectivity but won't detect, black screen,downscale and firmware issues with ps4 pro.
      If using PC or macs along with consoles at the same time 27UD88-W 'll be useful, if not then not worth it.That 72% of NTSC ~= sRGB 99% color space.
      27UD68 design looks way cooler with edgeless design. I'll add 27UD68-p model

    3. I should note that out of the box the monitor didn't auto switch to 2160p, wasn't till I saw a settings tutorial online was I able to figure it out, had to turn on "HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color” in the monitor display settings and it's now 2160p@60Hz, appears to be a common problem with many and the PS4 Pro.

    4. Yes. Need to turn on LG deep color option to get it work 2160p. Good luck with set!

  14. Guys is HDR really that good? I kinda just want to go ahead with the asus mg24uq for my ps4 pro. Am i right in saying that an eventual 24" monitor with HDR is a ways off? And even if it wasnt, would cost a bomb?

    1. Yes. if everything is aligned perfectly (10bit panel+ wide colour gamut support+ peak brightness+ dynamic meta data...) HDR does have high visual impact. cost is the downside. 3 times higher than premium displays. Price will come down eventually. It'll take some time.better pick HDR display that time.

    2. I read a mixed bag or reviews on HDR with respect to PS4 games, seems it's inconsistent and often appears washed out, but it could be the display at the end of the day in some instances. Not sure if it takes $1K or 2K TV to get the best out of it, if so it's too much for me to spend right now.

      I opted for a 27" 4K Monitor vs a 24" due to a lot of reviews I read that stated you need 27" or greater to get any benefits from 4K, the upcoming LG 32" with HDR10 would be ideal, but it will probably cost $1300+ based on current 32" monitors in their line up.

      I went from a older 24" Asus 1080p gaming monitor to the LG 27U68-P and the quality is amazing even without HDR it's night and day. I considered getting a newer 24" 1080P monitor to hold me off since mine was 2009 era, CCFL backlit Gaming Monitor but realized I would not be getting much visual benefits.

    3. Developers are adding some textures and calling it HDR for some reason in ps4 games. yeah, for 4k 27" is minimum needed unless sitting close like 2 feet.LG 32d99 price will be very high.Demand is high.Artists and designer's also looking for such monitor.


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