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You may wonder why I would review these headphones.Well, I bought new headphones! not one but two! It'll arrive shortly. For some, money is matter. When you are going to buy something you have to make sure you're getting what you're paying. Quality > Quantity. Putting that aside lets dive into our headphones reviews.

How did I select theses headphones?

I'm honest here. I do careful research online before buying anything. It's my habit now. However, all this opinion is not based on my opinions. My priority when selecting a headphone is always sound clarity. I do listen to the speech (yes!) and audio books. And I use memrise app to improve my vocabulary (I'm non-native).So pronunciation of words is important to me. I watch movies, listen to music but I'm not an audiophile. I'm a technophile. I'm a gamer, and I use headphone when gaming for precision sound. But half of the gaming headphones out there are gimmicks. So I use normal headphones.
The features of each headphone can be found on the internet. What we are not quite sure is the audio quality. But the sound quality depends on the file source itself. If there is any sound that is not caught by one headphone and not by other, then we could differentiate those two.
For that reason, i won't comment on the audio quality or sound quality unless I test it myself. And of these, i bought two to test it myself. It'll come next week. So I'll comment on that particular models. For other models, you can find what people say it on their reviews.
Why should I consider these models? Well, after primary, secondary and tertiary research I found these are the best headphones for budget and overall positive reviews.
Best Earbud & in ear Headphone

Panasonic ErgoFit RP-HJE120-K

Everyone recommends this model. It fits in small ears as well large ears. It comes with three different ear pads. It's inexpensive. This is an excellent alternative to your normal headphones comes with phones.

Light Weight
Fits in all ear types ( even in small ear canals)
soft and comfort
Noise isolation
Better bass compared to rivals at this price range
Ideal for gym and working around
color choice
Value for money
Not suitable for gaming purpose (lol?)

Rival: Philips SHE3590BK

Best Over- Ear Headphone

Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones

After hours of research, this one is one of the headphones I bought. People recommends it. Every reviewer recommends it. But there is particular reasons why I go for it as well which I mentioned already. The cable length may seem odd. But I sit far away from my TV, and I need a long cable. 

Good at Home Use
Clean sound
Excellent clarity.
Good noise isolation
comfortable on ears
Value for money
Not portable
the long cable is inconvenient for some
Bass is not quite that high but balanced
cords are thin, so you can't throw your headphones after use


Sony MDR-XB450 Extra Bass

For some reason, it's overpriced here I guess. In fact, this is my other headphone I bought for the same price of Sennheiser 202 from a local store. I don't know why they cost over at some shops.

Good for everything (music, work)
Excellent clarity
Clean sound
Extra Bass
Rugged cord
Foldable cup
Design is not okay for some

Best On- Ear Headphones

Good design - Flat fold
Cord is short
Rival: Panasonic RP-HT21

That's it, guys.Shoot me a message or comment if you want to ask anything about the model's.

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