Sennheiser Hd 202 ii Professional vs. Sony MDR XB450 Short Review

If you are confused between Sennheiser HD 202 II professional or Sony MDR-XB450, then you can believe my word. Why? Because I extensively tested both for a long time after buying both! And here is my verdict.
Sennheiser HD 202 ii  Review
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This one comes to my attention after searching for a long time. I’m not an audiophile, but I enjoy quality music. Sennheiser HD 202 ii is one of the best entry-level over the ear headphone if you are looking for good headphone. I’m not lying it’s indeed worth its gold.
Here’s what I liked about Sennheiser HD 202 ii
Excellent quality sound and perfectly balanced bass, treble (nothing more or nothing less)
Good noise isolation
Comfortable on ear
Significant upgrade from my mediocre moto G3 headphones
What I didn’t liked 
Long cable and its thick
Is not portable friendly
Sony MDR XB-450 Review
After searching the alternative for HD 202, I found XB-450 is the competitor of Sony MDR XB-450. SO I thought it would be on par with HD 202. But I was wrong. Sony MDR XB-450 comes in a flashy box with good packaging. Thought it would be spectacular after seeing the package. Oh boy! I was clearly wrong. Sony MDR XB-450 is not on par with HD 202 audio quality. HD 202 is the winner. But I wouldn’t say its total trash either.
What I liked about Sony MDR XB-450
Flashy looks
Portable and ear cup is foldable.
Wire is thin
What I didn’t liked
The noise isolation is poor. I could hear song outside when my brother using it (when my ear close to the cup)
The sound is on par with my Moto G 3 headphones (came with my G3), but there’s extra bass in the surrounding. What I feel is, the audio/sound gets drowning in that extra bass.
Sony MDR XB-450 or Sennheiser HD 202 ii final verdict
I tested both in 100% volume from both my phone and PC source ( PVP songs). After a while, I got nausea from both and felt head heavy. I think it’s due the over volume. In my opinion, If you are looking for clear bass, treble, and audio quality then Sennheiser HD 202 ii is the winner.But it's not travel-friendly. If you are looking for a travel companion and can compromise on little sound quality and extra bass, go with Sony MDR XB-450.
This review is purely based on my experience with both! For some reason, I'm not going to buy any other Over the ear or On-ear headphones for a long time.

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