NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 VS AMD Radeon RX 480 Game Benchmark

Fully updated and full specification so far included
I’m an avid fan of graphics card. It’s always fascinating to see new versions of beasts coming out every year and clash. This AMD Polaris vs. pascal war is going on for some time now. Today we are getting a peek on to the new match. Who’s the new king of midrange? Just after 2 days of releasing AMD their new Card RX 480, Nvidia countered it with GTX 1060. According to various online sources 1060 will be faster than Rx 480. This paper war doesn’t tell whole the story at least today. But we got clear winner today when we compare the specification of Amd RX 480 and GTX 1060. Here’s the comparison.

Update:There were some errors in the benchmark score from awesomesauce last time. new one are added. old one's are still attached under for reference and will be removed later.

After digging deep found a proper comparison thanks to awesomesauce,
Vulkan -  like DX12, is a new API that is made to replace OpenGL, in general allowing games to run better by enabling technologies like async to be used.The verdict is still same

From the comparison chart, GTX 1060 is the champion today and slightly faster than RX 480 (neck to neck win). But can't ignore the fact that Rx 480 will be people's champ because 10% difference at $50. moreover the RX 480 's potential is about to get unleashed with better driver updates and overclocking. I think 480 is the future proof card.


  1. Very Confused. According to above comparison RX 480 has less base and boost clock and rest is much higher than GTX 1060.

    RX 480 has 14nm Transistors and 2304 unified cores so this should have more clock speed and perform better. why is GTX 1060 a winner ?

    1. This is just paper war. Gtx 1060 wins in paper war because of higher clock speed and architecture.
      Real benchmark hasn't been tested yet. I'll try to collect more data to determine who's the real winner

  2. updated with benchmark performance

  3. Update corrected benchmark score!


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