FIFA 17: story mode, frostbite engine and a lot more

It’s a great month! Euro cup 2016, Copa America and football, football everywhere. To add EA announced its new iteration of the popular franchise FIFA 17. Wonderful!
Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the new game features.
Frostbite Engine
The most critical and significant change in FIFA is that they are moving away from the Ignite Engine and are moving to the most praised Frostbite Engine which powers Battlefield 1 and Starwars:Battlefront. Let's get excited for a whole new level of graphics and animations. It is indeed a significant change especially the time of the match. Plenty of details will be added to the graphics department. The switch is not only limited to graphics but the entire game as well. New gameplay techniques can be watched on gameplay trailer.

Story Mode – The journey
RPG mode? OMG yes. FIFA 17 will have ”My Career Mode” similar to other games. Your trip starts with a man named ‘Alex Hunter’ as you guide him through the story mode, There are dialogues as well. I now remember movie 'Goal.' Great movie and If you haven’t watched it yet watch it. Well, there’s a slight disappointment because you can’t create your player to progress through story mode. But this story mode is a significant step in the making of FIFA 17. Maybe we will get what we want it in FIFA 18. If you look at the trailer, you can see a lot drama in the trailer. Depressed in the academy locker room, the frustration of coach and so many emotions going on. Overall seems a promising story line.
Woah! Jose Mourinho as your team manager! Real life manager likeness has added to the game. It is a great change!
Physical play overhaul
Strength comes into play more into the match. Well, this isn’t something new as they say. There was this player impact engine with stronger players able to hold the position of the ball more.
Active intelligence system
It’s the usual AI with the improved positioning of players creating more space on the pitch. They run for ball intelligently. Gimmick?
New Attacking Techniques
More dribbling skills and attack techniques added to the game.
Set piece Rewrite
This is a nice feature, you now have more control over your set pieces. You can position and focus yourself manually. The player also has an ability to position themselves for penalties.
Pushback Technology
Players are now able to keep their balance more realistically when fighting for the position and control of the ball.

The above features are announced so far and no word on some lovely things like
Women team
Last year we saw the introduction of women's teams on FIFA 16. This year it is believed that more teams will be added to FIFA 17.
New leagues
There is no mention about new leagues or tournament. Well, it’s the football season, and it’s the best time to go crazy.
Euro 2016 and Copa America DLC
I know we all hope this one will get added.
Improvements to manager modes and career modes
Unrealistic Transfers should get fixed.

Overall it’s great to see the major overhaul of the game. A must buy for football fans. I looked at the rival PES 17 as well. I’m not a hater, but the features are not even compelling enough to write here. I’ve been covering PES vs. FIFA since 2011. It looks like the worst year for Konami. Back to FIFA now. There are three editions to buy. Standard, Deluxe and Super Deluxe. Fifa 17 will release on Sep. 27 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.
More new game details and news updates will be add here

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