Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 vs Fifa 15 for PC,PS3, Xbox 360,PS4,Xbox one,PS Vita and Wii U

I thought I should start with a great battle. PES vs. FIFA. The epic rivalry started a long time ago. This is the 4th consecutive year I’m writing about FIFA vs. PES. This year it’s Pro evolution soccer 15 vs. FIFA 15.If you haven’t checked the previous battles, it’s here

It’s time for football vs. soccer fight. It’s time for FIFA 15 vs. Pro Evolution Soccer 15. Who’s going to win the battle? Every year they battle for the football crown. But only one came out as victorious.

FIFA 15 Theme Vs PES 15 Theme
This year FIFA 15 slogan is “Feel the game” and PES 15 slogan is “The pitch is ours”. It doesn't matter
The menu system
PES 14 menu system was terrible. It was looked like a generic game. PES 15 menus are different. And it quite resembles the FIFA 14 and 15 menu. As long as it’s appealing it’s good to go.

FIFA 15 Engine Vs PES 15 Engine
PES recently adopted the Fox engine which showed marvelous images in Konami’s MGS: ground Zero. After adopting the fox engine was thought that the PES is making a big step forward. But what really happened is nothing. Instead felt disappointed. And Konami said they didn't fully use the fox engine, only part of it. This time, they are fully explored fox engine.
Artificial Intelligence and Gameplay
FIFA AI was always improving except goalkeepers. The goalkeepers were terrible. This time, they are introducing next generation goalkeepers. They rewrote goalkeeper AI. Many professional goalkeepers are helping EA to create most realistic goalkeeping. There will be 50+ save animations for goalkeeper alone. That’s a lot. One problem I noted when playing FIFA 14 was goalkeepers always look at the same position when taking a goal kick. They are not tilting their head left or right when taking goal kick towards different positions. It’s like they taking a kick to the right looking at left. And it’s still there. One new feature they added is grass wearing out over time. I don’t know anyone care about that. But it has no impact on gameplay. One another feature is visible breathing and cinematic presentation and replays. Another thing noted is blockers out of nowhere when shooting. There is nothing groundbreaking to tell more. Overall it’s an improvement over the previous game. What really happened is they added more player animations. And there are real life referees too.  The controls are easy to master and easy to pick up and play for anyone.
Speaking of PES AI, it just fell from very good to good. The most critically acclaimed PES 15 defensive AI needs more improvement. It’s not convincing. Tackles are weak and attackers can run straight without being tackled. However, there are new dribbling skills. You remember PES ID? If not, it’s the real life counter- parts of players. They added more players to their PES ID collection.  Controls are not easy to master for everyone and there’s a steep learning curve.
FIFA got the upper hand here with the ultimate team which added a new feature. Now the player can be loaned to another player for limited matches.
Nothing to say here FIFA got more official licenses except champion’s league. PES got champions league license. As always license was always an issue with PES.
List of PES 15 leagues (fully licensed only)
Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Liga BBVA, Liga Adelante, Argentine Primera División, Chilean Primera División, Categoría Primera A , J-League( Asian version only), Uruguayan Primera División
Note that there are other leagues that licensed but not players and also players and not leagues.
List of FIFA 15 competitions (Fully licensed only)
UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, Recopa Sudamericana, AFC Champions League, Suruga Bank Championship (Asian version only).
List of FIFA 15 leagues (Fully licensed only)
A-League, Saudi Professional League, K League Classic, Austrian Bundesliga, Belgian Pro League,Superligaen, Barclays Premier League, Football League Championship, Football League One, Football League Two, Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Bundesliga, 2. Bundesliga, League of Ireland, Serie A, Serie B, Eredivisie, Tippeligaen, Ekstraklasa, Primeira Liga, Russian Premier League, Scottish Premiership, La Liga, Segunda División, Allsvenskan, Swiss Super League, Turkish Süper Lig, Liga MX, Major League Soccer, Argentine Primera División, Chilean Primera División,Categoría Primera

And finally, The game graphics

Graphics doesn't matter in a sports game because it’s centered around gameplay. However, the next gen version of both games produced impressive visuals. But Fifa 15 got more shockingly realistic player face graphics and more animations.
One thing i miss this year is, there are no PS2 vesrion and Will U version. Its,sad :(

Release Date - out now!

FIFA 15 is release on September 23.  And PES 15 is on November 13. A demo version of PES 2015 is scheduled to release earlier which is on Sep 17th and now it’s postponed to 23rd.