6 Best football games that you can play on pc

Football also known as soccer in many parts of the world is one of the best dramas you can counter in real life. The moment of the tear, joy and bravery are what makes it one of the best super games on planet earth. Every football fans have a dream of playing in the field. And it’s not possible for most of us. Then the video games help us to realize our dream. Football games are popular among many gamers including me. And when it comes to video games there are only two games that stand still on top. And the two companies behind these games are EA (Electronics Arts) and Konami. And here are the best football games that are fun to play on PC.
#6 Pro Evolution Soccer 12

The number 5 is PES 12. Many will argue that it’s not the best game out there and not balanced. I admit it. But it is indeed a good football game. The gameplay and graphics are better compared to previous iterations. As always the only lacks are original teams and presentation. But Konami managed to add more leagues to this game compared to previous games.
#5 Football Manager 2013

Well, if you've plenty of hours to invest in the football game and more likely to join the manager side of the game, then it’s time to watch some action from the sideline. FM2013 is little bit older simulator game. But it’s a complicated game. You are the manager of the team, and you've to manage the whole team from team selection to playing eleven and transfer. Once you get a grip on the game, it becomes easy. The game is very time-consuming, and I won’t recommend if you've less time to play.
#4 FIFA 12

FIFA 12 was revolutionary. It’s still worth playing this game for two or more years even though the FIFA 13 and newer versions replaced it. And game features “Diving” which is not in FIFA 13. “And this diving feature is not available on newer versions because players abused this system on online gameplay. They always get rewarded for a penalty after diving. The graphics are better than the previous game. And the system requirements to run this game on PC are not that complex. Easy to control players, more teams, best online play and more skills are in FIFA 12.
#3 FIFA 13

FIFA 13 continues the legacy of FIFA series from EA. The game has never been disappointed, anyone. It’s still the best-selling game. Solid online play, The Ultimate team are the features of FIFA. The only rival of this game is PES and previous FIFA game. Again, FIFA wins every time. FIFA 13 had the best moments.
#2 Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

The magical Pro Evolution Soccer is back. PES was the reigning game once. And is now regained its momentum. Konami worked hard on this game. And now it’s on par with FIFA now. The gameplay is much more fluid than before. The AI is more advanced than any other soccer game when released.The only con of this game is the teams. Still, Konami not yet licensed the best teams in the world. But plenty of mods are available online.
#1 FIFA 16

FIFA 16 leads all the football games now. It’s the best football game till now. The animations and gameplay are superb. There are new leagues and for the first time, women teams are available to play. The only con of this game is the goalkeeper. The previous unrealistic goals fixed. Still goalkeepers do some decent job guarding the net. The competitor PES 16 done the worst job of the year. They did a crappy port of the old game on PC and got better game on consoles. Can’t argue sometimes FIFA 16 wins all the way. Good Job EA! Keep it up.

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