How to Make Gold in Arcane legends 'The Rage of the Ren'gol 2015’ Guide

As I promised here's the latest guide on making gold in Arcane legends. As you already know new expansion ‘Rage of Ren gol) already been released. This boosted economy a bit. A lot of things changed since expansion. What really interesting are all crazy (high) priced items now cost a lot less. This is huge if you don't know what I’m saying. In other words, the farming has been revived. The items which took 2 years of handwork (for a nonplat player) can now be easily obtained with 2 months hard work now. And you can Max out your gear. Without further due let’s look into how to earn gold fast in Arcane legends (Rage of Ren’gol).
1. Jewels and Gems
The Rage of Rengo'l expansion arrived with a lot of updates. One significant update is in the crafting system. Previous 'Gems' (blood, glacial...) are discontinued and new 'Jewels' are introduced into the game. These jewels can be combined to form better 'jewels'. You know what is 'jewel' now. As for now we only need that info.
But there are different types of 'jewels'.’ Eight ‘exact in number. I added the pic below. But the only worth jewels are the class jewels (Finesse, fury, mind) and chaos jewel. Every other jewel is not good. Jewels drop from every map. But some drops only from ren’gol maps only.

Here's the catch. Run the new rengo'l maps. You only need to run the first map in that zone. Because the other 2 maps contain one- hitting orcs and difficult to run. Also, the first map difficulty is easy, mob density is high and jewel drop rate is fair enough.

Sell the jewels once you loot it. Don't hold it for too long. Because price drop fast. For example, last week (22/7/15), noble nature jewel was 600k, Today (31/7) its only 300k. That’s how crazy price fluctuate. The market is being adjusted itself.
Wear the leprechaun pendant while running the map. The mobs and boss have chance to drop locked crate of ren’gol. The boss also drops some legendary items with sells for some nice amount of gold.

2. Locked crate of Rengo'l

One another change is Locked crates of the watch have been discontinued and it’s been replaced by Locked crate of Ren’gol. Since Brackenridge boss jarl lost his privilege as world boss the best place to farm ren’gol crate is kraken mine 3. Wear leprechaun during the run. If possible, buy luck elixir and also wear Arlor egg band ring which grants luck. Stack all these for better reroll. Locked crate of ren’gol can be crafted into large locked of ren’gol and a large locked crate of ren’gol to the massive locked crate of rengol. Sell the lock for the current price when you loot it. Don't hold it expecting the price to rise. The price may go up or down in the feature. The best option is sell as of the current price and don't wait for the price to go up or down.

3. Dragon teeth 
Normal Tindirin and Elite Tindirin (more odds) map boss’s drops Dragon teeth. Collect it and buy Dragonite bar and sell it.
4. Daily quest (orc tags)
Once you reach the level cap. You'll get daily quests which reward orc tags. It’s a type of game currency like story token, Dragon teeth, and hauntlet coin. You can use it to buy many items. But don't buy anything. Just do the dailies and store the orc tags. It’ll be useful in the feature.
5. Elite Ren’gol and Upcoming Events
As of now elite maps of ren’gol has not yet been released. It’ll be released in few weeks. Be ready to farm the elite first. And also, be ready to farm the upcoming events.
6.... And as always

  • Don’t feed the pet
  • Don’t buy anything from the consumer store (CS)/Auction house
  • Always sell the items you get during your adventure.

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