FIFA 16 vs PES 16 – Battle of Football Games

FIFA 2016 versus Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

Updated***: 16.9.2015 - Read  the last part if you are a PC gamer

It’s time for ‘which is the best football game this year?  PES 16 or FIFA 16? This is to highlight what’s new in both games and helps you to decide which game is best to buy and play. Without further due let’s look into both games features and negatives. The games are available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

FIFA v PES: Graphics

As always FIFA has nice visuals and animations. The player faces closely resembles the real life players. It’s because EA actually scanned player faces. PES 16 graphics quality is also nice and they added more animations and collisions as well. There are no massive changes in player faces in both games. Also, the models look great.

FIFA v PES: Gameplay AI and UI

In PES 16 Konami added a whole new collision system. And many variations of collisions are added. During the game, a lot of actions take place at the same time. This gives a lot of replay value.  The player movements are fluid and improved a lot. PES 16 penalty system is not that good. Because the goalie reactions (diving) is slow compared to real life. In the game, the ball is not hitting harder when taking a penalty. The penalty system in PES 16 still needs some improvement. On the other hand FIFA, 16 penalty system is advanced and seems right. The free kick system in PES has also needed some tweaks as well. In PES 16 the players are very quick, gets up fast and try to win the ball back. Gameplay speed is neither fast nor slow and is balanced as well. There is no waiting for scripted animations. The replays in PES needs a little bit of work as well. In-game replay, the ball passes through the net. The net physics still need work. There is new camera angle as well. This gives more realism in the game. The grass in PES 16 is not looking vibrant compared to FIFA 16. Textures still need work in PES.
 In PES game panel you can compare two players and can change the tactical side of the game like moving players and changing formation. And don’t have to go to another menu. There is a choice to select different goal celebration during the game including Totti’s infamous selfy celebration. One another change in PES 16 compared to predecessor is the long shots. The long shot rarely goes into the net. On the other hand, the R2 shot accuracy is op. It’s impossible to miss and the goalie looks clueless. It needs to be fixed in PES 16.
The best thing about PES 16 is goalkeepers. The keepers are amazing and have great reflexes and improvements compared to FIFA. Goalies look natural when dives. You can notice the differences. Overall PES 16 is an exciting game with a lot of changes and improvements.

Dynamic Rain

One new cool feature of PES 16 is the dynamic rain. The rain can start and stop during the game and it can affect the gameplay. It’s a nice addition which is not on FIFA 16. On the other hand, FIFA 16 has new weather fog and has the ability to randomize the time of day.
In FIFA 16 for the first time, women’s national teams are included. The player training is back in the game. Players can now be trained to improve the skills. The midfield play is also been readjusted. The game is more balanced now. And there are more amazing ways to score the goal. The ‘magic goals’ which is not that rare in football is given amazing feel in FIFA 16. One another feature in FIFA 16 is, the double taping the tackle button to tackle, gets back on foot fast and can use body position to win the ball. But this new ’tackling’ looks unnatural. No top defenders in pro football do like this. It’s like a supernatural tackle. Are the defenders now more responsive? The terrible defending AI still exists. Also, the body faints during dribbling look unnatural. Compared to FIFA 15 there’s not lot new in the game. Overall FIFA 16 not offering anything groundbreaking at this time. The career mode aspect of the game is still remaining the same. No changes as well and still need a fix.

To conclude PES 16 has major changes in gameplay. On the other side, FIFA 16 doesn’t offer anything spectacular. It's finally come to the preference of the buyer. If you don’t care about league license issues and likes the gameplay then go with Pro Evo. If you want more teams, leagues, players then go with FIFA 16. Overall PES 16 has the edge over FIFA 16 this year.
16 - 9 -2015
Unfortunately, the PC version of the PES 16 is garbage and don't buy it!!. The dynamic weather is not present in the PC version. And it looks like a half baked PS3 port and not like what is promised. The graphics are like from 2013 game. Go buy FIFA 16.

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