10 Best Recommended Video game Design Schools List

Previously I wrote how to become a game developer or programmer. The key point is to get education. And here’s the best expert recommended Videogame Design schools. These are the most prestigious and renowned in the industry. There is no surprise as the most of them are in Texas. Because Texas well-known in the industry. This list is compiled for students inspired to become a video game Designer/programmer. Without further due here’s the list of best video game design school with emphasis to games.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT is world famous private research institute with very low acceptance rate. Getting into MIT is tough. Acceptance rate is 7.9% (2014).MIT does not have formal game development course. The course you need to join is computer science


Digipen has a high acceptance rate of 49% (2010). The peeps behind game ‘Portal’ studied here. You can study BS in computer science and game design. Also other game design courses are available at Digipen.

University of Southern California

This school has very good acceptance rate 17.8% (2014). USC offers 4 distinct degree programs in game design and development. At UG level, they offer BA in Interactive Media & Games and a BS in Computer Science. At the graduate level, they offer Master of Fine Arts in Interactive Media & Games and a Master of Science in Computer Science.

Guildhall at SMU

The Guildhall offers a Master of Interactive Technology in Digital Game Development degree and Professional Certificate in Digital Game Development program. You can select an area of specialization Art Creation, Level Design, Production, or Programming.

Texas A&M's Viz Lab

Highly reputed institute for game design. It’s one of the best in the US. This animation school  is renowned in the game industry.

UT Dallas' game program

You may not be heard about this because this is a best-kept secret in the industry. It offers a wide variety of programs. More info is at website

Austin Community College's Game Development Institute

Texas is known for video game development schools. And this is another one. More info here

The university of Texas at Austin

This university has an acceptance rate of 40.2% (2013). One US’s top school.

St. Edward's University 

This is a small university with a beautiful campus and offers Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Games Studies. The acceptance rate is 64% (2010).

The Austin School of Film

To conclude the list here’s another one in Texas.

I hope this list will be useful for anyone who wants to become a video game designer/programmer. All credits for this goes to various developers and students across the globe. good luck to get admission in these schools.

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