PES 2015 Review (PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360)

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This is PES 2015 Review. Earlier I wrote FIFA 15 review.  Comes to think of it the final release of the game is on Nov 13. Later I’m writing a head to head comparison of both. For the time being let’s move on to the review in Layman’s terms.  As a side note, there should be versions of this game for PS vita, PSP, PS2, 3DS, Wii and Wii U.
Game menus
The game menu looks minimalistic but looks old and is not modern. Just wondering what year is this? 1980? I hope that is not the final menu. However, the main UI resembles FIFA.
The graphics are good. The models closely resemble real life players. The animations are really nice. The movement is really fun to watch. They move like real players.
Gameplay AI
The game is fast paced. It feels fast and silky smooth. The only exception is a goalkeeper who takes kick slowly. The game features diving. If you don’t remember the early iteration of FIFA game had diving. But due to players manipulating the AI they removed that feature.  Ok back to PES. You have to be really careful when tackling. The tackles have been monitored. Bad tackles get instant cards. The freekicks are more realistic. Freekick goals are amazing to watch. The dribbles are challenging. What another thing comes to mind is the stamina bar. You have to really pay attention to the stamina bar. If you sprint all the time the stamina bar will get empty. People want to 45-minute sprint in real football. The PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game have little input lag. There is the slight delay of response with the PS3 and X360 version.
Goalkeeper Jumping
There are some issues with goalkeepers. I really don’t know it’s an issue or element of surprise to goalkeepers. They act weird sometimes.
Amazing goals 
Some goals are amazing. But looking at the scorer and the goalkeeper I doubt certain goal. It’s an amazing goal if scored by a player with a higher rating. It doesn’t happen always so I don’t take it as game breaking. But goals like that by a less rated player (especially if it’s a defender) in a tight angle against a strong team confuse my mind.
Defending AI is just about right. They won’t break easily. They are really effective at marking. However, it’s very difficult to mark certain players. These players are with bright minds. Some defenders will never let you sprint.
The crowd
The crowd is great. The atmosphere is really nice.
Final conclusion
The gameplay is great apart from certain mini issues that are not game breaking. Overall it’s close to real football. They could have added more animations and slow down the game a bit. It’s really fast. Konami didn't add anything groundbreaking that could be marketed. But I’m sure they did some tremendous works behind game mechanics this year. One request, though, they should change name Pro Evolution Soccer to Pro Evolution Football.

PES 2015 to include 21 Brasileiro Série Teams

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