How to Make Gold in Arcane Legends: The Merching Guide

How many of you want to make gold in arcane legends. But still struggling? Then this guide is for you.  Merching is a double edge sword and at the same time, it’s an art and skill. Either you’ll end up as super rich or you’ll break. As a side note, I will not be responsible for both. As already said merching is super risky. You’ll have to pay the closest attention to every change in the game.
crafting system in arcane legends game

The Economy 3.0 – The AL market
The market is not as same as before. The super rich are holding the money. The gold isn’t circulating well as before. The market is very tricky. Sometimes the price does not reflect the original value of items. I advice checking the price of every item in the game before buying or selling.
1. STG – Buff and Nerf Game
The game devs play an important role in game economy announcing buff and Nerf to demanding item. This is the most annoying thing in the Arlor world of marching. For example
Arcane pet singe announced as a crafting ingredient. Price before the announcement was 9-10m. Guess what after announcement price skyrocketed to 30-35m. 
Arcane maul glitched for at least 2 seasons. It doesn’t follow stun immunity before. It was 20-25m. After the stun immunity gets fixed its price is now 8M-10m.
The Elondrian bulwark was selling as low as 3.5m during the start Elondria event. After people realized the bulwark was too powerful its price hiked to 20m. Well here come another gameplay from developers by nerfing bulwark. Then the price again dropped to 5-7m.
Just like that, there are many buffs and nerf to items by the company including the famous “Arlor vanity conspiracy”.  Well, my point is not about the buff or Nerf. It’s about the price before and after buff and nerf. Look at those. LOL! 
2. The class Specific Items
The most popular class In AL is a warrior then Sorcerer then rogues. There are class specific items for each class. Well, my advice is do not merch sorcerer specific items. The sorcerer considered as the weakest class in the game. And strong are the Rogues. Warrior is in between.  An averaged skilled rogue can kill anyone with 2-4 hits. Therefore, the most demanding class specific items are of a rogue. I give more details
General: very  Important
The item that gives the most damage gets the maximum price.
Rogue Items
Rogue items get the best price since they do devastating damage on opponents. A fully maxed out rogue is invincible. Arcane rogue can even take out all 5 (Sometimes). The best item for a rogue is bow which gives maximum damage. Merch the mythic bows if you can. Daggers fetch less money. A slight dmg in item fetches more money. The current best item is the Elondrian bow of rogues. 
Warrior items
Warriors are second best in the game. A fully geared warrior is invincible like rogues. But fall just short because of the crazy critical damage rogue deals. But a seasoned warrior is out of the rogue league. 
What are the best items? The swords are the best items for a warrior. Do not merch on tanking items due to the poor view of sts on tanking weapons. 
Current best item is Lvl 41 Bonesaw. 
Sorcerer Items
Don’t merch mage class items
How to Buy? Applies to Everything
Rule 1.
 Have a Merchant character. Don’t merch with main. Or else everyone will know who you are and will start to ignore you.
3. General theory of relativity on Merching
Offer 60- 70% of the Lowest auction Price. For example offer 4m Gold for a 6m worth Item. Offer 1.7m for a 3m worth item. Do not buy items for more than 75% of their market value. And do not buy anything from CS or auction.
4. PM  Seller
You can try to PM the seller asking are they willing to sell items for your price. The trick is offer 65% of price first. The chances are they will ask more. So increase your price by 1.5% each time. You can increase till reach 70%. Don’t go above the 75% mark.
5. PM in Game forum
People sell items in forum besides in the game. Don’t reply in the selling thread directly. Offer the price through private messaging. Else everyone will know you’re an under bidder.
6. Buy from friends and Guild.
They usually offer the lowest price for items. Closely pay attention to the guild chat to not miss the offer.
Very important: Hey guys the best way to deal with a customer is having a proper attitude and behavior. So not be arrogant or rude. And don’t insult people. If they are not willing to sell for the price then move on. Don’t argue or tail them.
How to sell?
Since I already told you how to buy I’ll tell you how to sell the item. What price to sell? Sell 84-89% of the original price the item selling at the market (not the 85% of the price you bought). As a remainder, the price you see in the auction may or may not reflect the value of the item. So get an idea of the price of the item first.
Sale via Auction Store?
This is where everyone selling their item. The thing is if you list a high price item you’ll lose auction fee. So don’t sell it via CS. Sell at off market and in towns. You can also sell via the forum.
Watch out for scammers
There are people scams people by changing Blinky with blight, Yowie with snowy, 500k with 5m, 5m with 50m. Since every zero counts don’t rush to push the confirm button. Make sure the level of the item is same. If everything is perfect then it’s good to go. If you notice anything suspicious during the trading, leave the trading immediately and ignore that toon and report that player.
I would like to write more as the time is not letting me write now. I’m going to conclude this guide with
What to not buy in the game? And tips
Keep in mind that you’re not the only merchant in the game. They are many pros. Note there are real buyers who want items for a reasonable price. The key is to find them. Merching is not hoarding the items. It’s buying and selling. So do not buy and hoard items. Sell fast as possible for the best price. Don’t buy multiple items until you sell the first one you bought.I already said don’t buy mage class items but you can buy vanities. Do not hoard mythic pets. STG has a tendency to announce mythic pets as in the form of eggs causing the price of mythic eggs to decrease. If you hoard items its value may increase or fall a ton like I said due to announcements. And every item price decrease as time goes by. So sell fast as possible
That’s it! If you like my guide or have anything to ask it’s greatly appreciated. Have a nice day.
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