Playstation 4 vs. Xbox One 1080P/60 FPS Battle: Which is better for 1080P 60FPS Games?

playstation 4 vs xbox one

I recently comprised a list of 1080p/60fps games for PS4 and Xbox One. And looking at the number of games for each platform the result is a little bit interesting. PS4 got more 1080p/60fps cross platform games and exclusive games. Looking at the Xbox1 exclusives, only 2 made it to the list.
Hardware limitation
If you compare the so-called “Next gen” Consoles graphics to an equivalent GPU on the PC, PS4 is roughly equivalent to a downclocked AMD 7850 GPU and Xbox1 is roughly equivalent to a downclocked 7770 GPU. The difference between these two cards is night and day. And so is the PS4 and Xbox one difference.

1080p/60fps – How consoles achieving it?

Consoles are achieving the 1080p/60fps standard by optimizing the games. Console games are heavily optimized. This custom optimization by developers allows them to run games at 1080p/60fps as standard. On the contrary PC games are being poorly optimized and instead, developers give all the options / Settings to them. So those with monster PC and those with low spec PC can play the game. The low spec PC users can tune down graphical settings and run them 1080p/60fps. Those with monster GPU run games in insane graphics everything maxed out.

PS4 vs. Xbox One 

Those who designed and developed the hardware and software know how to squeeze last bit of its power. And looking at the console exclusives it’s clear that PS4 is superior for 1080p/60fps when compared to Xbox one.

Which one to choose?

Both are great for gaming. But when comes to 1080p/60fps PS4 is the winner for now. And looking at the hardware PS4 can complete its 10-year life cycle. Why? Because the custom made chips allows the developers to tweak the hardware by software extension and allows them to run games at 1080p/60fps.And as for the Xbox 1, there isn't much juice to drink. But only developers know for sure.

Does 1080p/60FPS matter? 

It’s a tricky question. It does. If the console can deliver 1080P/60FPS then I would take it over 1080p/30fps game. Why? It’s run smoother. It doesn't matter because graphics difference between them is almost 0%.

Does that the case here?

1080p in a 24” has higher pixel density than 1080p in a 27” higher. If you are looking for a console to play it on a large TV (27”+) both looks worse. But Xbox one will look worse(less noticeable) than PS4 due to hardware limitation.

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