Nintendo 3DS XL vs Sony PS vita

Ok. I’m not planning to write “The brief history of time,” just comparing the Nintendo 3ds XL and ps vita performance.
The big brother of 3ds has just appeared to compete against ps vita. Both are very aggressively priced, and bundles are ready. The new 3DS XL screen is 90% larger than its brother and comes with 4GB Space.
With its 90 percent screen size from 3.58” to 4.88” is a big upgrade that can match PsVita screen size but the low-resolution screen is a bit disappointment. And it is very bulky and cheaper looking.
PSV - Vita has a 5” OLED display that produces gorgeous visuals in any day. It is shorter, slimmer and more pocket-friendly than 3DS XL
Winner – PS Vita
PS Vita – With front and rear cameras, Six-axis motion sensor, touchscreen, rear touch pad, GPS, Cross Play, Dual analog sticks and OLED screen there’s  little to dislike. However, the proprietary memory card which is different from the predecessor is disliked by many consumers.
3DS- The improved layout and glass free, comfortable 3D is the main selling points of 3DS XL. But the absence of dual circle pad can be noticed.
Winner – PS Vita
PS Vita – more than 60 games are currently available, and another 60 plus game are waiting to get released. That makes a sum of 120 plus games including the exclusives. I forgot to mention that another 120 PsOne classics are ready to play on PSV and A few selected PSP titles are backward compatible with PSV.
3DS XL- Speaking of 3DS XL it’s a 3ds which is backward compatible with predecessor Nintendo DS games, and there are plenty of games in its arsenal too.
Winner – No winner, it’s a tie regarding games.
3DS XL – The game is running very fast, but graphics looks washed out and very dark. The screen brightness can be adjusted, that way the game will look better.
PSV- The colors and contrast are very nice. Of course, the big screen and high resolution are a big difference. The first party titles like Uncharted look great in amount, scale, and intensity.
Winner- PS Vita.
VALUE- Nintendo 3DS XL is retailing at $200 and ps vita wifi for $249 with some great bundles. Except the 3G version of ps vita costs more. So our sole recommendation goes to PS Vita at this point.
Final Verdict
There’s still plenty of points that may we miss. But the overall winner must be announced. And the winner is PS Vita.

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  1. Nice, very interesting comparison, I have used both of devices, and can say that for me PS Vita is much better. But now I play in games only using nintendo ds emulator that replaces me any other console.


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