8 Tips to Increase Your PS Vita Battery Life

If you are wondering how can I increase battery charge in my vita, You can't magically do that. Sony already did stress test on it, and the highest they claim is 6 hours. And according to reviewers, it's 4- 6 hours. So it's different for the users. However, you can play games while charging the system. But the Wifi and the 3G connection will decrease the battery charge quickly. If you need a long lasting battery, charge it before completely drain. Don’t make the system to turn off automatically. And the battery life depends on various types of usages.  Also, you should know that the PS Vita battery embedded within the system. Because of it's a built-in battery, you need to send the PS Vita console to Sony for replacing the battery. On the other hand, if you are not getting the proper battery life as it should, check the following tips and if it’s still not working send it for replacement.

How to Improve PS Vita Battery Life?

The Green signs

1. Turn off system when not in use
If you are not using your console for next four-five hours, turn off it completely. This way the console won’t zip your battery life fast.
2. Turn off Wi-Fi and 3G
The biggest battery drainer in PS Vita is Wi-Fi and 3G. Some games do require a data connection. But for some games, it’s not necessary. If you don’t need a data connection to play a game, then turn off the Wi-Fi and 3G.
3. Charge while playing – Not recommend now
Well. This is not a good habit of doing. But so far no accidental blowing of PS Vita has not yet been heard. But still, for safety don’t play on your Vita when it’s charging.
4. Do not make the battery to completely drained out
While the battery is charging, Its goes through recharging cycle multiple times. If it gets drained multiple times, it'll affect the lifespan of the battery.
5. Use headphones
I don’t know how this exactly helps, but hey anything works are good. But I heard it decreases battery consumption although it’s very low.
6.Keep ps vita clean and use pouch
Keep your PS Vita in a place (inside the case) where dust won't touch it. Don’t make it dirty. The dust and dirt on circuit components increase battery consumption and decrease battery life over time.
7. Install latest firmware updates
It's important to update the Vita to improve your Vita battery life. The official updates contain many bug fixes. And it drastically Increases stability as well as battery life. So don’t forget to update on latest firmware.
8.Don't make the system to automatically turn off.
This has been already told. But hey it’s worth saying for the second time. If you keep turning off and on the device frequently, battery consumption increases.
Hopefully, your PS Vita will get improved battery life after performing the above tweaks. It’s always better to have a good battery console than 1-hour dead device. Use your device wisely to reduce power consumption.

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