How to Earn Gold Fast in Arcane Legends 2016

Updated - October 2016
Here's the promised updates. I'm back into the game and it's been expanded a lot after i left for 5 months. And new expansion is released!!! The current best ways to make gold fast is

"" STS removed gold from arena"" in their latest Now the best place is new maps only.

1. Awaken the weapon with 100% gold loot or buy one with 100% gold loot. Then go to arena and farm it. It only takes under 2 minutes and you'll get 1k-2.5k gold after lass boss died. and you'll get elite arena chest which does have chance to drop fossil and shard. Also run new graveyard maps, the gold loot is worth and it'll give you 2k- 4k gold on that map every run. Few hours a day will give you 25k - 50k gold.

2.The next best item to farm/loot from the game at the moment is the Arcane chest containing lvl 16 arcane weapons. repeatedly run the deadcity maps, especially, the third map with mages mine. run over and over. Arcane chest can drop from mobs or the boss. It's the best map (3rd  one with Rutger).
3. Don't run KM3 at the moment. loot is not worth at the moment and cryo lockeds will get replaced by new expansion crates (61)
4. Run Arena if you get bored of dead city for a chance at Arcane fossil.(quite rare at these days in my opinion). You'll get 2K gold per run with 100% gold loot awakened.
5. Expansion is at the corner. Loot and sell anything you get. Sell, Sell. Sell!!
6. Watch out for events!
7. KM3 is no longer drops locked. Dungeons, crypts and tombs excluded from locked dropping maps.
#RIP good ol' KM3.

Update - August 2016
I'm going to rework this guide to make it up to date or a new guide. Before that, I need to get back on the game to analyze new things on the game first. Wait patiently. I'll update this guide!

I’m playing arcane legends for some time. And the game is awesome. It’s free to play and available for Android, IOS, and Chrome. The game is cool, fun and so many players out there. And it’s super exciting to play. On the downside, even though the content is great the economy is inflated. Top gear is hard to obtain unless you spend a large amount of platinum (In-game currency). The goal of this guide is not make you super rich instead shows some tactics to obtain gold faster.
The gold cap currently in the game is 100million. Some players hold more than that using multiple accounts (Even 800+M).
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How people earned money previously?

Most people started out early got the advantage. They got discontinued gears and items which sell for some nice amount of gold. They got a stable economy.
Forget about them what others did?
Hoarding locked grand crate of the watch and Farm elite map. These two worked perfectly some time ago. Storing large amounts of locked and when a new update comes sell for a double or triple price. Running end game elite maps to obtain elite gears and sells for a large amount of gold.

What’s now?

STS patched these two methods by their new staggering system and insane elite maps. They introduced Leprechaun Pendant (grants 15% luck) and luck elixir into the game. And no major updates.  It resulted in a super saturated locked grand crate of the watch which led to no hike in the price of locked when a new update comes. And about the elite, it’s hard as hell. You need the best gear to run end game elite. And it doesn't even guarantee the best loot. And the potion Price to run a single end game map and pet feed price is very high.
So you’re saying there is no way to make gold in arcane legends?
No. I’m saying that it’s very hard to make money now than before. And these tactics can help you generate gold faster.
Do all dailies.
It’s easy and very fast.Doing all dailies can give 20k gold in a day
Don’t run Endgame Elites!
Everyone tells you to run endgame elite. Don’t run endgame elites. Why? It’s insanely hard now and requires a lot of money for potions and wastes time only. And loot is not guaranteed. What’s the point burning 10k gold for each run takes 30 minutes and loot an elite chest worth 100k after 10 runs? No profit. Only a waste of time.
Run lower level elites!
It’s easy to run lower level elite than endgame. What I meant is few selected elite maps and normal maps.
Elite mages mine
This one is fast and can finish in 2-3.30 min for a normal party. The best loots here are Wrath jaw egg – 30kGold, Snaggletooth egg – 25kgold, Elite banded golden chest – 8k.Potion consumption for each run is 10 averages. Instead of running 1 endgame elite map in 30 min. you can run elite mage mine 10 times relatively cheap and loot no so bad items.
Elite Rooks nest
The hardest map which took 1hour to complete in season 1 now takes only 5 minutes now. Best loot here is malison egg which is around 55k gold. Potion consumption is zero to warrior and around 15 for a mage. What you prefer? 5 min- 55k or 30min - 100k? The answer is simple. Go for rooks nest elite and try loot malison.
Elite southern sea
Took only 3-4 minute and a chance to loot Elite chest worth 25k. It’s fast.
Rook’s hideout -Normal
A chance to loot Ribbit egg 8-10k gold. This won’t cost any potions. It takes only 1 min to finish the map.
Hall of valheim – Normal
A chance to loot Vixen egg worth 35k gold. And mobs are easy there.

The above maps are very easy and less time consuming and not costs you any money to run. That’s why these maps are best to run. These runs almost guarantee 20k-100K earnings daily.

What else can I do (Boring)?
Locked hunting.
Buy loot elixir from the store for 8k gold and wear your lepre and run Kraken mine 3 (KM3). You can get a 3-5 lock on average in 30 min. Or run Brackenridge (normal) boss jarl over and over. Or run Brackenridge goldmine and park near the boss. 3 other mini-bosses will appear after some time. All boss got a chance to drop locked.

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