The Wolf Among Us Season 1 – Episode 5 “Cry Wolf” Short Review

Telltale games graphics action point and click adventure” The wolf among us” finally came to the conclusion. Does the final episode live up to the expectation? Of course it does. The previous episode 4 “in sheep’s clothes” was actually more like a buildup for the finale. And the finale was epic with the final twist at the end which concludes who the real wolf is among fables.
The final episode lasts about 1.5 hours. In this episode, it’s full of actions unlike previous episode dialogues. As usual the choices you made affects the gameplay except the last scene which is common. Of course you can make choices, but it’s all about judgment for the crooked man at the end.
Best moments
Bloody marry finally transforms into true form. She is scary.
The sheriff of the fable town transforms into an 8-foot gigantic werewolf.
The battle between blood marry and bigby.
You’re winning the crowd
Final twist at the end

telltale wolf among us review
However, there will be some confusion in player at the end. Which is a clue to season 2? The role of blackbeard is still not clear. There is not much development to Ms. Snow character from last episode.
Final Verdict
The conclusion to Season one “The Wolf Among Us “series is truly satisfying especially the end. Hmm, you want a score? I’ll give it an 8.5/10.

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