You can make video games

I've been researching on game programming and the possibility of getting into game industry or make video games for a livelihood. If you are reading this you can save some time searching on Google. I hope this is the right sort of information you’re looking for. If not, Please let me know in the comments section.
Okay, first thing is first. Making games are really hard! It’s not like playing games. Need to put countless hours because a game is like any software. And those hours will change to days. And the days will change to hours. To overcome this you need to absolutely love the games. Lets’ go.
The industry

Mainstream (AAA) vs.  Indie games

The industry is mainly separated into two. Mainstream often called as AAA and the Indies called as the independent developers. To make it short the mainstream is the company (Studios) or groups that make large games like GTA with strong financial support and large amount employees. Indies are an individual or small group of people who make games with no or a little financial support. So the first challenge is choosing what part of the industry is you want. It’s simple. Do You want to work alone? Choose indie. Or want to work with people who have the same passion? Choose mainstream.
The following are the three types of people in game industry

Programmers vs. Designers vs. Artists

These words are random and changes according to each individual person. I’ll explain these words
Programmers= these are the people who know how to code the games. Means the movements, action, events…in the game etc
Artists = Create the beautiful and glorious visuals that we see in the game.
Designers = Designers can be either programmers or artists.

Getting into Mainstream

You need education. Yes, companies want to hire people with education (they pay high for them). Getting graduation (Degree) in computer science, art or animation is the usual way to enter the industry.Yes! you need additional qualities that companies need along with it. If you are the self thought, then chances are slim to enter main industry unless you’re highly skilled.

The Indies!

Become independent developer is the best way to make your game come true. The advantage here is you can work alone or with a few people who share the same passion. You can work on your convenient time. Generally indie games are fast paced. You can finish your game within hours to days depends on the project. If you are self-thought then become an indie is the preferred way.

Well, that’s it for now.