PS4 Pro native 4k? Chaotic and Confused

Finally, Sony announced its new console called ps4 pro aka. PlayStation 4 pro. Now naturally so many questions arise like should I buy ps4 pro or buy PC or wait for new Xbox one Scorpio or next big thing from Nintendo.

Updates - interesting news

4k Games with details

4k Games with details
- Bound (Native 4K@60FPS)
- forma.8 (Native 4K@60FPS + 8xMSAA )
- Futuridium EP Deluxe (Native 4K@60FPS)
- Hustle Kings (Native 4K@60?FPS)
- Mantis Burn Racing (Native 4K@60FPS)
- Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Native 4K 80-90% of the time/Dynamic Resolution)
- NBA 2K17 (Native 4K@60FPS + HDR)
- Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (Native 4K@60FPS)
- Rez Infinite (Native 4K@60FPS)
- Skyrim Special Edition (Native 4K@30FPS)
- Smite (Native 4K@60FPS)
- The Elder Scroll Online (Native 4K@30FPS with enhanced details over PS4 version)
- The Last Of Us Remastered (Native 4K@30FPS with the best shadows)
- Thumper (Native 4K@60FPS) Not sure about this one.
- Viking Squad (Native 4K@60FPS).
- VizionEck (Native 4K@60FPS)
- Wheels of Aurelia (Native 4K)
- Rise Of The Tomb Raider ( native 4K )

So PS4 pro can do 4k?

Yes it can do 4k native and 4k upscaling as well. But don't compare it with high-end PC's running the same game at 4k. That's all i have to say at this time.

Hype Wagon

Everyone was on the hype train and cheered they are getting a new 4k capable console. Every media on the internet was publishing about ps4 neo since day one. They built the hype train. It's the future console, Xbox one killer, almighty console, powerful enough to destroy all pc in the world and blah blah blah. What is wrong with this media? Can we all travel in the same train?

PS4 Pro? Native 4k?

So the final question is ps4 capable of 4k gaming? It's a native 4k resolution console or Not? hmm. yes and no. In some games, it does upscaled 4k. but in some games, it does native 4k. We can only find out PS4 4k is real when games are released. I'm saying media built that kind of hype to get people pumped up. Are you the Xbox fanboy? No!. So you are a PC master race peasant who doesn't know anything about PS4? NO. I'm just saying the media is fueling the war between PC, PlayStation, Xbox. They all have their ecosystem to cope with and actively trying to get more people to their base.

PS4 vs. PS4 Pro

The main difference is the GPU power which is capable of 4.2 TF where original ps4 is 1.8 TF.

PS4 vs. High-End PC

The average PC is already moving beyond what is capable of yesterday. It changes fast and every year new iteration of GPU come out offering double the performance for the price.

Why Sony Strike now?

Many PC gamer use entry-level gaming PCs with GTX 950, 750TI, RX 270 where they are gaming on a budget. These pc's cost around $400-$500 depending on budget. PS4 Pro price is $399. You can't build a modern 1080p 60fps capable full PC withing $400 range now. So every new gamer got a choice to get into PlayStation Pro community. It's their best option depending on the current situations. On the other hand, the 0.1% 4k gaming is becoming an expensive and exclusive niche to target. It's only small percent.

PS4 Pro capable for 1080P 60 fps?

Yes, even the PS4 was capable of 1080P PS4 60fps games in few titles. With the new GPU power PS4 Pro is accomplished its mission 1080P 60 FPS gaming performance. Moreover, you'll get HDR (up scaling the game resolution to higher resolution) and more detailed graphics.The HDR feature is available on powerful GPU for a long time and there's tricks and tips to run the resolution you desired

Should I buy PS4 Pro instead of PC? And why?

I would say yes. Because even if you try to build a comparable PC, it'll cost higher than $400.
The comparable GPU to perform the level of PS4 Pro is RX 470 and GTX 1060. And both price tag is between $175- $200. And a hefty price in other countries where they are over priced as hell.

What does this mean to Microsoft?

They were trying to capture the PC market share. But Sony landed the first blow. Unless Microsoft announces something comparable at the same price point, they will struggle.

What does this mean to High-end PC gamer?


What does it mean to GPU manufacturers

unless they cut the price of GPU, they'll lose money.

PS4 Pro was the correct move?

I would say yes. It was the right move.

Why should I care your opinion?

Don't. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Nice read. I did the same as you and analysed all options and my choice was a ps4 pro or RX 480. As the 480s were supposed to be $200, but instead turned out to be closer to $300, plus the overpriced "4k monitor" I would need to buy, I went with the ps4 pro. FFXV also affected that decision slightly, but I could easily have bought the Xbox version and ran it in win10. But, my problem was with win10. Spyware at its fullest and would need a rebuild, so went with ps4 for now. I would say overall at this point though, if gaming doesn't move away from micro transactions, and unfinished games with required dlc, I'm going to be done with gaming.


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