List of TVs fully compatible with HDR10 for PS4 Pro

Updated October
** added 'HDR Gaming Ratings' from 'Rtings'. They are professional TV reviewers.

** 1080P 60 FPS games list can be found here

This list is a work in progress like our infamous 1080P 60 Fps PS4 games. Here I'm compiling the TVs fully compatible with HDR10 (native 10bit)by year and manufacturer at one place.This'll be super helpful to anyone looking for the fully compatible TV for PS4 Pro (and Xbox One S) HDR gaming. I'm updating this list often when new TV's out. If you came across any, let me know as well to include it in the list. I'm also a compiling list of the monitor with HDR10 in the near future (at this point only one monitor is 10bit (sharp), and it's not available to consumers yet.)

Do you want me to add anything particular details> let me know!

The below TVs passed the 4K checks 

*Native 10bit (10-bit color)
*HDR10 standard

Model Year: 2016


Sony XBR -Z9D      (NA)
Sony XBR -X940D    (NA)
Sony XBR- X930D    (6.9)
Sony XBR -X850D    (6.6)
Sony XBR -X800D    (7.9)


Samsung KS9800  - (NA)       
Samsung KS9500  - (8.6)
Samsung KS9000  - (8.6)
Samsung KS8500  - (8.6)
Samsung KS8000  - (8.2)


LG OLED E6   (8.2)
LG OLED B6   (8.9)
LG OLED C6  (8.2)
LG UH9500 - (7.1)
P series (C1) (8.2)

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