Pokémon Go Guide: How to Get Free Pokecoins

Hello, Trainers. Pokémon Go mania drives players into wild all over the world now. People are going crazy over this game.  BBC reported Pokémon teens stuck in caves 100 feet underground. Another news is two men fell off cliff while playing Pokémon GO.
To all the Pokémon GO fans!
Be safe and aware of the location you are in. Don’t get trapped in forest and caves. ZZZ!
Ok. Back to poke guide
Free Poke coins
Poke coins are the in-game currency that accelerates your gameplay and progress. These coins obtained in two ways. Getting poke coins free and purchasing poke coins with real money. These gold coins can be used to buy Pokeballs, potions, and revives, you spend anywhere from a dollar all the way to $100 on these Pokecoins if you have a fat wallet.
How to get Free Pokémon Coins Legitimate?
GYM Battle
To get that premium gold coins aka pokecoins every day. You need to win battles. Not only battles but become a gym leader! You need to beat number of opponents stationed at a gym. The number of players required to be defeated varies by gym prestige level. Higher the gym prestige levels higher the number of stationed trainers. Of course, you can storm into a gym and take them alone. But it isn’t a good idea. Team up with others and take over the gym
Defending the GYM
Once you or your team took control of a gym, station a Pokémon there to protect from other attacking trainers. Each Pokémon will give you defender bonus in 21 hours. You can protect up to 10 gyms at a time. That’s 100 pokecoins every day!
I think you get the point why you need teamwork to get control of a gym. It’s the wait time of 21 long hours. That’s why you need to hold on those gyms for a long time to get study stream of pokemon coin income. Yeah you’ll get struggled first because of the number of players competing players for a gym. First target open gyms
How to Become a Gym Leader
At the beginning of the game you can select a team (yellow, Red, And Blue). To get free coins everyday you need to get control of maximum gym possible which is currently ten gyms. Gyms can be spot near real world statues, a plaque, and many unknown locations. These looks like towers on the map.
Grey color gyms
Grey color gyms are uncontrolled gyms and can be claimed by whoever reaches it first. If you find an enemy controlled gym, check you have a chance to beat them. It can be analyzed by looking at the combat points (CP). The leader will be the Pokémon with highest combat points. His crew will also be there to defend that gym. Higher the prestige level higher will be difficult to beat them. Don’t jump to get beaten first. Battle gyms with near or fewer combat points. Don’t fight a cp 2000 with cp 1000 points. That’s a sure lose. Once you start winning the gyms prestige level reduces and after winning all the gyms Cp becomes 0. At this point gym become grey color and you claim it and leave your powerful Pokémon there to protect the gym. Your friends, teams can drop their Pokémon’s there as well which increases cp. Then you’ll get ten free Pokécoins in every 21 hours.
More guides are coming soon. I gotta catch 'em All!

Bonus Trick!

How to catch Pikachu in Pokemon Go?
Pika pika pika pe. Remember the song by Pikachu? Pikachu is one of my favorite Pokémon. When we start our journey in Pokemon, go we have the option to choose Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Obviously, we inclined to choose Charmander, which is fire type Pokemon and strongest among those three.
But there’s a fourth starter pet which is the Electric type Pikachu! How to catch Pikachu? To catch Pikachu, walk away from the three starter pets. When you are far away from the trio, new Pokémon’s will appear. Doing this few times spawns Pikachu. About 5 to 15 minutes. Once pikachu spawn, tap on the Pikachu and throw the Pokeball. Pikachu is not powerful enough to escape from Pokeball.
If you missed out catching Pikachu it as a starter, you could still find it from anywhere in the world. But it’s challenging and goes to the lucky person. So we would have to wait for developers to roll out Pokémon GO  trade which I believe available after releasing Pokémon world wide.

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