PS4 VR Exclusive Games List

*This list strictly contains PS4 VR Headset titles only
*Note that only VR games are included. Exclusives are added separately.
*Some games are not yet released. It is indicated as NYR (Not yet Released).
*This list is work in progress.
*The accuracy of these games are not 100%. But I’m trying my best to include the correct one. So if you spot any difference please let me know. So I can update according to it.
*Currently adding Two Categories for Exclusives. One is for first party (published by Sony) and other is for 3rd party Exclusives.
* Timed Exclusives are not Added

PS4 VR Exclusives – (Published by Sony Computer Entertainment)

The Deep - NYR
The Playroom VR - NYR
Gran Turismo Sport - NYR
Joysound VR - NYR
The London Heist - NYR
The Modern Zombie Taxi Co - NYR
Shadow of the Beast - NYR

PS4 VR Exclusives- (Published by 3rd party )

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood - NYR
Robinson: The journey - NYR
Ace combat 7 - NYR
Futuridium VR - NYR
Summer Lesson - NYR
Godling - NYR
Golem - NYR
Harmonix Music VR - NYR
Headmaster - NYR
Hyper Void - NYR
SuperHyperCube - NYR
Tekken 7 - NYR
Wayward Sky - NYR
Psychonauts 2 - NYR

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